Friday, November 25, 2011

Success Story

When Lee Moore (on the right) got Sadie Belle, I don't think he had trained a squirrel dog. But Sadie is showing Lee what fun squirrel hunting really can be. Here are some pictures he has shared recently. Sadie is the mother of of Sassafras. The white Feist is Scout out of Babe and Radio Flyer. Lee said he is kicking in. I hope when Lee is an old man he will remember the Feists he owned that came from Galla Creek!

Happy Thanksgiving all. I am thankful for all my squirrel hunting friends, old and new. Betty cooked an entire turkey for my dogs so they could have a feast today. We love our Feists and are thankful for each of them that we now own and those that we have raised and sent to new squirrel hunting home. Raising Galla Feists Squirrel dogs is not our hobby--it is our mission in life!

Here is Lee's email:
Hello Renfroe's I hope yall are doing well and the dogs to. We are having a great squirrel dog season down here already this year even this early. In the pics one has 20 squirrels in it and Jimmy's dog did most of that and in the other one Me, Daddy , and my Sister and Sadie and Scout treed those 10 here behind the house. Sadie is still doing well and Scout is treeing but his hunting comes and goes in spurts, one time he will go to the woods good and the next he may want to stay with Me but he can really timber one and has done that more than treeing one off of the ground which to me is harder for a young dog to do. Scout will also retrieve the squirrel to me if he gets it when it falls out which I really like and he just picked that up on his own. Ruby my Buckley feist is getting interested but still has a good ways to go but she is young. I carried Sadie's pup Little Ann out with her this evening and she followed her all over the woods and we were impressed and think she is going to pick it up really fast. Take care and I will keep in touch. Lee.

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Anonymous said...

The bottom pic actually has 28 in it. That was our biggest hunt yet.