Thursday, November 03, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Dobs is home with us again. We often are lucky enough to have Galla Creek Feists return to our Kennel. Tie left and then we bought him back. Bonnie Sue Parker did the same before she retired to AL. Troy and Sherry Vance have let us own Dobs again. Nov. 5, she will be 5 years old....still young enough to have some good Galla pups!

Thanks, Troy and Sherry Vance!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I will miss my Doddy. She is a sweetheart! But I know she will have more great pups with you then she would of had here. Please let her have a lot, because she loves her puppies!!!!! She is a GREAT mom.
Maybe I will get to have one of her puppies in the years to come.
Alli is babying Lulu, she has got her to eat and loving all over her. Thank you for a sweet puppy! I love her color and markings.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are glad to hsve her back. I can'twait to hunt with her!


Anonymous said...

My Zoey is built just like her mom Dobs. I Love my Feists I will be home Monday from the rig to see my new puppy. Zoey is waiting on me to get there to take her hunting. There is no better dog in the world than a Feist.

Heath Thomas

Anonymous said...

Heath, I agree, totally! Cain is ready to raise cane!