Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Daisy Rifle

This is (left to right) Crappieman, Jim, and Dean Wright.
Taken when Dean went down to Mt. Juliette, TN. to pick up
Daisy. I took Daisy over to TN. about 10 days ago.

Daisy's full brother -- Pretty Boy Floyd--Grand Squirrel Champion!

Daisy's littermate -- Our own Spud!

Galla Creek Max--a son of Otis and a Gerald Johnson Feist.
He is almost 9 years old and back home on Galla Creek once again.
Daisy, Spud and Floyd's sire!

Galla Creek Spook is Daisy, Floyd and Spud's dam.

Dasiy before her eyes ever opened at Galla Creek Kennel.

Daisy at her new home with Dean Wright family.

Little Daisy Rifle

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ethan Fulgham's Paisley

Paisley is one of the Bonnie Sue Parker/Shooter
pups. She is just 2 months old. Ethan Fulgham of
Mississippi owns her. His dad, Kevin, is trying to
help him train her. Below the photos, you can read
about her adventure in the park full of squirrels.
One went in the hole in the tree....she chewed at
where the scent was and tryed to go in after it!
In a couple of months she will be bigger and
better. Read Kevins email below the pictures.

Hints to help with a pup--
1. Try to teach them to speak. It is an important
skill for them to learn.
2. Hide things like pieces of hotdogs and let them hunt
with their nose and find them. It is a fun little game for
a pup.
3. Do like Kevin and take them to parks and woods,
but don't expect too much from a real young pup as
that little squirrel is almost bigger than the pup.
4. Teach the pup to come to you when you want them
to. Some folks train them to come to a whistle.
5. Try teaching fetch, it is a hard skill for a young pup
and if the pup gets it...this shows high intelligence.
6. Remember 3 to 5 minutes is the amount of time
that a lesson should be!

Today I took her to a local park that is full of squirrel.
This was really her first encounter with the furry tail
creature. This morning she barked at one but did not
really know what she was barking at but this evening
she had her nose to the ground. I'd take her to a tree
that I saw a squirrel on and she would sniff sniff and
then take interest in the tree. She chewed on one tree
right where the squirrel had been sitting. On another
she started digging at the base of a hollow tree where
the squirrel have been entering. I am hoping this is a
good sign of things to come.

She still does not seem to want to take chase at the
squirrel but I don't think she knows to at this time.
Here are some pics I took this afternoon. On one you'll
see a squirrel at the base of a tree and then you'll see
her chewing on the tree at the same location. On the
other she is trying to get up inside the tree.

More from Kevin--
At two months old I feel as if she is doing ok.
I'll try the hot dog the next time we go out.
I do have her fetching somewhat, she will go
after it hard but bring it back is not always on
her mind.
Thanks for the reply and Clinton is getting more
and more excited, I bought him a BB gun for his
birthday last week so now he thinks he's a hunter. lol
He's actually a pretty good shot, don't tell Ethan but
Clinton may be a better shot.
(Note from Renfroes--Kevin recently went on a
mission trip with his Baptist Church to the Ukraine)
By the way I got back from Ukraine last Saturday
and I think we should start a Galla Creek Kennel Ukraine
branch. I found a stray dog that kept coming in the
church and the pastor said he called him Baptist.
Then an hour later I found us some red squirrel.

Kevin Fulgham--September 27, 2008

Dobs~Shooter Litter

Astrid came up and helped me socialize the
Dobs~Shooter litter of pups this afternoon.
They are pretty laid back and Dobs was glad
that we kept them in the house for an hour
giving her a baby break.

We wormed them with Drontal puppy wormer,
made sure the stitch was out of their tails, and
gave them a pedicure. Astrid's favorite is the
black male with white trim.

The litter has 4 males and only one female.
Robert Wiggins gets the little girl. She is white.

Since I love tractors, I decided to name this
litter after tractors. The girl is Allis Chalmers;
the males are: Oliver, McCormick, Moline, and
J. I. Case! Cool names for a cool looking bunch of

Astrid had as new digital camera so you will be
seeing some better pictures here in the coming

Friday, September 26, 2008

Galla Creek Peanut Patty

Peanut Patty has moved to her new home with
the Gary Taylor family in Turtletown, Tenn. She
is out of Spud and All Cranked Up. I called tonight
to see how she was adjusting...Gary chuckled
and said that she has treed twice and he has
killed two squirrels. Man, that made me really feel good.
Patty was born May 14. So she is 4 months and 10 days old.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gus and Dew

Gus and Dew are in this little video. They are

out of Zipper and Spud. I would sell one of


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Lane Bridge over Big Piney Creek

When we went to see our Grandson, we had
to take a detour because of highway 7 being
closed. Here is the one lane bridge over
Big Piney Creek that we crossed on the way.
The bridge was built in 1931. It sure is
a beautiful constructed bridge.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zipper ~ Spud pups

Rip is out of Zipper and Spud.

Rip and Gus are the first two pups from left to right.

Troy Vance brought my 2 pups from
Zipper and Spud. He left two males here
that he wants to sell. One of the males
is white with black spots and the other
is the black male with the wide white
blaze. Their names are Gus and Rip.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandson--Future Hunter

Highway 7 has a gully across it,
but we traveled by way of Hagarville,
AR and saw Clayton today. He is 3 months
old and growing up fast. He said, "Where
are my Feist pups, Pop?"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Race is on!

The Race is on
Here comes Patch
Up the back stretch!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dan Maples, Patch and Peach

Galla Creek Dan Maples

Galla Creek Carrie Nation Patch

Galla Creek Paden Talbert Peach

These are Bonnie Sue Parker -- Shooter pups. Dan is
sold to Greg Woods...but we have not heard from him.
He works off shore and perhaps he is out on the boat.
Patch is the Pup we are keeping and Peach is for sale.
Our Grandgirls love the pups and the pups love the girls.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Wild Hunters

I met up with 5 wild hunters near
Nashville, TN today. They are
from left to right: David Marple
of Ky., Sterling Earhart of Mt.
Julite, Tn.. Roger Littlejohn of
Mt. Juliet, Wayne Hawkins with his
son, Jason standing behind him. The
Hawkins are from Mineral Bluff, Ga.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shammy/Spud Pups

Jurior Green sent more photos of the Shammy
Spud litter of 10 pups. The children are Jr.'s
Grandchildren. We have never had a litter of
10 before. Shamrock is surely a busy mother.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jonathan Pollard's Connie!

We are always thrilled to get new pictures of our
pups. Below the photos is part of an Email from
Jonathan Pollard. He sent a video of Connie fetching.
She is not only smart but a great looker too!

I am sending you a couple of pics and
a video of Connie at 9 1/2 weeks old.
She is growing well and looking good.
I may be someone who is easily
impressed, and biased, but she is very
smart! I have been working with her
on fetching for about a week and I can't
believe how well she is doing and
how quickly. She listens very well, most
of the time. The more pics I look
at of her grandfather Max, the more and
more she looks like him to me.
Hopefully from what I have read about Max,
looks won't be the only thing
she has in common with her grandpa.
I don't think I have anything to worry
about from what I have seen so far!
Thank you for this wonderful puppy that
I and my family adore.

Jonathan Pollard

Galla Creek Constitution

Connie is out of Lia and Spud. Jonathan Pollard of Cove, AR owns her. She can already fetch. The fetching skill shows high intelligence in dogs. They have to work with the handler to get the item and bring it to them. Here Connie is showing how to Fetch at 9 and a half weeks of age. Pretty good for a little pup.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Galla Creek Daisy

Daisy left Galla Creek when she was 6 weeks
old. She is back after 3 years. I will probably
sell her when I see what price to put on her.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Galla Creek Max comes Home

I have purchased Galla Creek Max from
Brian Tobin! He left here in 2005 and
has been gone almost 4 years. I think he
remembered his old home.

Here are some grandchildren of Max--more
than one time. Shamrock is the litter of
ten pups mother. Max is her father. Spud is
the father of the pups and Max is his father.
jr. Green of Dubach, LA owns the litter if
anyone is looking for a good pup. Those white
ones with black spots look a lot like Max. The
brindle looking ones take after their Grandmother,
Awesome Aussie!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All In The Family

O'Hickory--owner Sterling Earnhart

Radio Flyer--handler Matt Howell

Tia--owner Dean Wright

This is Sugar! She is a sister to O'Hickory
and is out of Tia and Radio Flyer. She is
really a small Feist. Tia is not that big,
but Sugar is even smaller. Sugar is a go
"get'er done" dog when it comes to squirrel
hunting. Here is a first squirrel this season!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dobs/Shooter Pups

Born Sept. 6, 2008--4 males and 1 female.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

O' HIckory

Sterling sent a new photo of O' Hickory.
He is a son of Radio Flyer and Tia! One
thing for sure...he is a great lookin' dog!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Astrid Catches Supper

Astrid caught his big catfish today. We had
him for supper. She was really proud of her
catch. Bait--Galla Creek worm!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Galla Creek Beck Polk--Movin' to Mississippi

The Kevin Fulgham family came from MS-
Tupelo--to get Beck this morning. Beck
is going to be Ethan's pup. Clinton
liked the big rocks on Galla Creek better
than the dogs.