Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Jack has been treeing the Fox squirrels here in the yard. This one must have dared him because he caught it. He is using it as a pillow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Steve Glass sent this photo of a hog head skeleton he found near his home in Mississippi last winter. It is huge. No match for a little Feist dog for sure.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Siggie is giving Myrtle a lesson "How to Play with a Friend".

Maggie Mae

Mike White sent a picture of Maggie. She is his last pup out of Fancy Pants litter. Fancy is out of Max and Auesome Aussie. Mike and Linda live in Ky. not to far from the Ohio side! Here is his email and information if you are interested in Maggie.
Maggie is just over 12 weeks old. She's out of Galla Fancy Pants and White's Black Jack.

Mike & Linda

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Glide & Robert Burris

Met Robert Burris in Hot Springs and Super Glide met his owner. The lovely lady is Robert's granddaughter. Robert has another Galla Feist, Rowdy.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feist Friend

In the video, Siggie says, "they all like me". True, very true!
The pups are Electra Glide, Super Glide and Nitro.
Ellie and Suppy are out of Lia/Spud and Nitro Spook/Tie!

Friday, June 25, 2010


June 23, we met Troy and Sherry Vance in Hope, AR with the Dobs/Shooter litter. By the time we got back to Galla Creek we only had 3 of the pups. We dropped off Frankie (Dobs' look a like) in Little Rock and I failed to get a picture of her with Gary Pruitt. Louise (below with Heath Thomas) cried all the way from Hawkins TX to Hope AR and the Vance's little friend held her. She commenced crying from Hope to Galla Creek and Betty held her. I renamed her Cry Baby and decided she would be a pick of mine as she was pretty smart riding up front with the rest of the litter in the back of the truck. Heath Thomas drove 8 hours and picked up his pup (yes, he picked Cry Baby saying he had 3 girls who could hold her) last night so we are down to 2.
Above is Heath Thomas of Baton Rouge with his Dobs/Shooter pup. He had a Feist dog when he was a lad. His father said "no dogs" but Heath hid his Feist in the garage. Dad opened the door and the pup ran right to him like Dad was his master. Heath got to keep his dog and now he has a Galla Feist. This litter's names were those long forgotten. Heath's pup's name is Louise, but his wife wants Zoey and his daugher says Nala. Heath said he was thinking of his own name. His old Feist was called Termite so this one might be Lady Bug. We want to wish Heath's "God speed" as he returns to his off coast rig in a few days.
Above is Tom Gorsalowsky with his Dobs/Shooter pup Hazel (white with black) and Les Bolter's pup Lucille. Tom met us in Hope, AR to get the pups. It saved him some driving as he lives in Texas. Tom owns a funeral home and has squirrel hunted with Randy Hobbs' Feist who is outstanding. Randy's dog is from Scroggin's Pris (Old Rowdy bred) and Galla Creek Dan (Nogo Nell/Romeo male). I remember Randy's dog is pretty much white in color.
This last picture is Steve Conn with Fat Bob. Bob is out of Lia/Spud. Steve has a pest control business in LA and we met in Hope to get Bob. He went home with Bob and we got some good advice about all the ants we have and our fly problem.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Harley Goes to Hope

This is Clifton Phillips with his boys Colten (eldest) and Caiden. Gina begged out of the photo. Clifton is a forester and knows the woods and the best places to get Harley treeing those bushy tails. I think the boys will enjoy spotting them in the tree after Harley locates them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Carolina Crossfire

Kym Brown sent pictures of Carolina's two babies. Carolina is a little Benchlegged Feist
we bought from Charlie Cross. Kym had some of the same type dogs--all males. She wanted
to have a pup out of her dogs and bought Carolina to bring her the prize. They are going to call
the two Stonewall Jackson and Clara Barton.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We named the Dob/Shooter litter names long forgotten. The top photo is Frances and Frankie fits her. You can see she does look like Dobs. The bottom picture is Dobs as a pup. Frankie goes to Gary Pruitt.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dobs/Shooter Pups

I am picking up the Dobs/Shooter litter at Hope, AR. Wednesday at 10:30.
Anyone that wants to meet me there and get their pup--let me know. Also,
Steve Conn may want me to bring his Lia pup that day and meet me at Hope to get
it. Anyone wanting to sit up a pick up at Hope call me at 479 890 8090.

Jed Saves the Bird

Or--Rescue Dog Double Birdies?

We heard from the Barbara Bogomolov of St. Louis. The Bogomolovs are proud owners of Galla Creek Jed, full brother to Spud. They also have horses, other dogs, and one famous bird. We were a little afraid that Jed might devour the bird but they were soon buddies sharing the same space in the universe! Read the story of how Jed saves the Bird from Barbara!
Our Jed saved the day today! Misha and his animal troops had just left the barn after feeding Twister his grain when something startled Sam and the parrot flew from my husband's shoulder into a tree. Jed (and Harvey ) stood by quietly as Misha tried to coach Sam down. When that failed Misha and the dogs came up to the house to get me. By the time we got back...perhaps 10 minutes the tree was empty and there was no response to my calls . Feeling sick and fearing the worst (we have a very active neighborhood hawk ) we spread out whistling for Sam. I thought I heard a return call and headed toward it when Jed, who had been with Misha about 50 yards away on the other side of the barn) suddenly streaked past me moving like an arrow. He went about 30 feet deeper into the woods where I could barely make out his white coat and began his "have I got a perfect squirrel for you! " bark. Misha said, "Ignore him...that is his squirrel bark." But I thought about it only a second and then worked my way around to the place. Jed gave me one relieved look then went back to barking. I stood and looked up but only saw leaves. But then came a clear sound of a microwave oven going off, which is Sam's all purpose distress signal. Sure enough, Jed had found Sam. I whistled Sam down and he was one thoroughly shook conure. Jed immediately stopped barking and led us triumphantly back to the barn. Needless to say, Jed got a very special breakfast and Sam got his wings clipped. That is the only time we have heard his squirrel bark for anything but an actual squirrel. Amazing dog!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mister Wilkes

Mister is out of Spud and lives with the Calvert's in Alabama. Below is their other Feist, Snow. Snow is expecting a litter of pups with Mister and the Calverts will have a few to sell. Here is their email and by the way we named Mister's litter after characters in Gone with the Wind!

Mister Wilkes (Galla Creek Vern Gosdin x Galla Creek Jimmie Sue) is scheduled to become a father around July 1. Am sending you a couple of pictures of Mister and a picture of Snowflake, another registered feist(sire is Kirkland's Banjo). After Mister Wilkes treed a couple of times in 95-degree heat, he was ready for a cool drink of water.

We look forward to a nice litter of pups and some should be available. Thank you Galla Creek! We live
30 miles north of Birmingham, Alabama

205-680-4406 (h) or 205-914-4872 (Danny's cell)

Danny & Sarah Calvert in Alabama

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Robert Burris & Rowdy

Robert Burris of LA sent pictures of Rowdy-- out of Pris (granddaughter of Old Rowdy) and Dan (Grandson of Old Rowdy twice) . Robert wanted to tell folks to not give up to easy on your squirrel dog. Rowdy took off after treeing a coon and having it shot out to him. Also, Robert sent a picture of him from 1964 squirrel hunting with his dog--which also came from AR! Thanks Robert! We enjoyed seeing the other pictures of your garden and the cajun cook out! Wish we could shared in the food and fun!~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gerald Taylor and Dyna Glide

Gerald Taylor and Richard Womack and picked up their pups out of Lia/Spud! Here is a photo of Gerald and Dyna and one of another Spud pup, Hazel...Hazel is now 2 years old and doing it all. The Clark kids love the squirrel hunts. I am posting the email we received. Here is what the Clark's said about Hazel!
Gerald and Dyna!
Spud offspring :-) Hazel :-)

Hello, just wanted you to know that Hazel is doing great. My son Luke, in middle, loves to hunt her as much as he can. We always have a bunch of kids with us on hunts. The day after this hunt, we had 10 kids 5 thur 14 years old and killed 25 squirrels. Kids will not ever forget these hunts.
Thanks alot for Hazel
Robert, Jennifer, Emily and Luke Clark
Butler, Al

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spook Pups--June 16

Woody (dark brindle), Hydro (white) are gone to new homes. Nitro (red brindle), Ethyl (white), and Nuke (white with black spots) will be gone soon. Each litter of pups is special to us and we try to name them after a theme so we can always remember the litter. This bunch is named for fuel with hopes they will have power to burn the woods!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woody and Hydro to Louisiana Land

Got an email from Glenn Williams--I got this all messed up but will try to fix it.
Woody and Hydro have gone to live with Glenn Williams and John Wilson's families in Louisiana. Austin Williams is holding Hydro. I am not real savy with computers...tried to figure out how to replace John's hat with this red and black one, but could not get r done. I think John would have looked good in a hog hat!

The Spook and Lia pups are ready to go to homes. The Dobs pups will be here in Arkansas before you know it and be ready too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look A Likes

Woody is going to look like his Grandpa==G. W. Carver--Ole Peanut!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dyna Glide and Siggie

Since I did not get a photo of Dyna Glide on picture day,
Gerald Taylor drove here to see her. Dyna is one of Siggie's
favorite pups. She is playing school with Dyna. She said
"Dyna is smart, Pop." Well, I already knew that.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

Grandson came and we have been playing in the dirt.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


We got a good rain Thursday evening which our garden needed. The wind laid our corn down but it is slowly standing back up.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spook/Tie Pups

Ethyl goes to M. Evans.

Nitro goes to Randy Fulcher.

Woody goes to J. Wilson.

Nuke is going to the Hookers.

Hydro goes to Glenn Willisams.