Friday, July 31, 2009

Westbrook's Pups

The Westbrook's in Texas has some pups out of Judge Roy Bean and Red Girl, a Barger Feist. They were expecting a few pups but their red female had 10. They have 4 for sale. This is their email address if anyone wants to contact them.

Judge Roy Bean belongs to Troy Vance. He is out of Radio Flyer and Zipporah. I am not sure about Red Girl's breeding but I know Mrs. Westbrook said she was a Barger Feist.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toby in West Virginia

Sonny Peece of West Virginia shared photos of his Feist, Toby. Toby is out of Smarty and Floyd and Sonny got him from Dean Wright. I think Toby is a littermate to Roger Littlejohn's Pretty Boy Smarty. Sonny called me about getting a Feist and I told him about Dean as I thought Dean would be closer to where he lives. I guess it was a good thing because he loves Toby.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jill--Lia/Max Pup

Jill lives at Benton, Ar. She is out of Lia and Max, born the end of March. Leah owns Jill and her Grandfather, Harvey, has a pup from Bonnie Sue Parker and Radio Flyer. Harvey trapped a squirrel and Jill really did not like Mr. Squirrel at all. She tried her best to get a hold of him.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Chair

Deputy sits in a chair when we go over to Galla Meadow. Lady Harriette and Sir Simeon wish they could join him, but he is King in his seat and does not want to share his space with them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Paisley and Stuart

Kevin shared new pictures of Paisley and Stuart. We are glad to see them. Stuart's out of Raider and Pain and Paisley is out of Bonnie Sue Parker and Shooter. We heard from Carl Harris some time back that Pain was ill and probably would not have more offspring. Here is part of Kevin's email:
Larry and Ms Betty,

Here are some updated pics of Paisley and Stuart. Paisley turn 1 yesterday and Stuart is now 2 so hopefully this next coming season both of them will step up their game. Stuart seems to be very intense while he is in the woods and ole Paisley just seems to be carefree. She's real gritty but I need to get her to focus that into her hunting. I think once some fur hits the ground she'll come on around.

I took both dogs out this morning and Stuart treed a gray in a BIG Sweetgum. The wind was blowing hard because of a storm coming. Stuart treed this one by scent which got me excited. It took me awhile to find the squirrel but I did see it laying on top of a big ole limb. Wish I had my camera this morning but I left it at the house. I've not been able to get them out this summer due to work and the heat but this morning everything worked out perfect. These pics are from this evening.

Thanks for all y'all do,

Kevin Fulgham

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The bottom photo is of Tim Taylor's Hope (long tail) and Blade. They are already squirrel barking. Hope stuck something in her eye and it was hurt badly. The vet sewed the entire eye shut and left it like that for a long time. Everyone prayed and when the stitches came our her eye was ok. Hope is a good name for her. The dog above is Deputy, her brother. They are out of Dobs and Max. Blade is from Radio and Bonnie Sue Parker. We sure are HOPING they all make good squirrel dogs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Smarty Ain't No Dummy!

Family and Feists go hand in hand--Roger Littlejohn sent another picture of Pretty Boy Smarty and his grandson, Tanner. Smarty sneaked out to follow Roger and his lovely lady and their grandson on an evening stroll. Now, Roger had tried to scold him back to the house and Smarty acted like he was headin' that way but as soon as they were down the lane a ways, Smarty trotted right down after them. When they got to the 'heavy traffic' zone or what we call in Arky language, paved roadway, Smarty got a little lift up into the 'rumble' seat behind Tanner. He let the Littlejohn's know that Feists are part of the family. They want to be with you and love you!

Here's how Roger stated it in his email!
Yesterday, Pat & I took our newest grandson "Tanner" for a stroller ride. Although we left Smarty at the house with strict instructions to stay, well he figured out a short cut and all of a sudden he was walking behind us. That was OK on the back road, but when we got to a busier road, Pat placed him in the stroller's carry-all bin where he seemed to be perfectly content to ride :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady Calamity Jane

See Lady in 2006
Lady is a Galla Creek Feist born May 22, 2006 to Zipporah and Radio Flyer. The Ron White Family of Mississippi purchased Lady for their son, Lil' Ron. Back then Ron was afraid of dogs. I think one jumped on him when he was small and terrified Ron. Well, within two days of getting CJ, Ron found his love for his dog. CJ is now over 3 years old and we can see Lil' Ron has grown up too. CJ is Ron's hunting dog and his companion and friend. Thanks to Cindy White for sharing the photos of our Ron and CJ. Looks like she is taking up surfing too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blade Tree Talking

This video is not to clear because Tim Taylor took it with his cell phone, but you can hear Blade talking up the tree and it really is a sweet sound. Blade is out of Bonnie Sue Parker and Radio Flyer. Tim also told us that his little Hope (out of Dobs and Max) got the stitches out of her eye and her eye is fine. She stuck something in her eye and Tim was afraid she might lose the entire eye, but the Vet sewed it shut and they have waited and waited and now the reward is here. Hope's eye is ok. Praise the Lord!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty Boy Smarty

Roger Littlejohn sent pictures of Pretty Boy Smarty. He took Smarty out with his grown Feist for a little hunt. Smarty is out of Dean and Barb Wright's Pretty Boy Floyd (Spud's full brother) and a female named Smarty. He may be pretty but he does not care to get a little dirty doing a job. I guess we could even call him a mud puppy! He sure looks like a fine one!
Smarty takes a mud bath!
Running with the big dogs.
Leaving the mud behind

Posing after his mud treatment!
Thanks for sharing, Roger Littlejohn.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

View From Mt. Nebo

Rising 1,350 feet, Mount Nebo offers sweeping views of the Arkansas River Valley. In 1933, a portion of the mountain was chosen as a park site. The lake in the distance is Dardanelle, created by a Dam on the Arkansas. I live as the crow flies only a few miles from the Arkansas.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Belle will be 12 in August~!

Two evenings ago I took Belle over to the Meadow with the pups. She knew she was not supposed to growl at them and did not even once. It was a hot evening and she stays in the house so she panted alot. Belle is out of Todd Carter's Crook and Allar's Fred. Fred is out of Old Rowdy and Crook is out of 2 of Howard Beek's Feist from Dutch Mills. Her grandfather is Ozark Chief. The dog I have a picture of treed high in a tree. The Beek's female--her grandmother--was brindle in color. Does not seem like Belle will be 12 next month, but she will.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Martin's Packing to Move

Martins are preparing to fly south. All the babies are big and able to make the trip. They will be gone in 2 weeks, but will return next April. I always look forward to seeing the scout come to check their house and then see the babies hatch and learn to fly. I had two houses but a storm blew one over. I will try to get it back up by next spring so they can have two apartments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nimrod--Today and Yesterday!

Took this yesterday. It is Nimrod Dam and Lake. The Dam blocks Fourche Lafave River. The Fourche LaFave River forms Nimrod Lake. Fourche means “fork” in French, and LaFave is believed to be the name of a French family who lived in the early 1800’s where the Fourche LaFave meets the Arkansas River. Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, was a mighty hunter. The lake is aptly named “Nimrod” because the wild surroundings have an abundance of game for the hunter.
The Fourche River forming Nimrod Lake

View From Top of Petit Jean Mtn.

Farmland view from Petit Jean Mtn.
Big Bend in Arkansas River from on top of Petit Jean!
Arkansas River

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flower Garden

Astrid found this little toad in the flower garden I have worked so hard in this summer. Now I am enjoying the blooms.

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2004

This was taken in July of 2004. That is my little Astrid, 5 years ago. The pups are out of Romeo and Nogo Red. I ran into a guy last week at Wal-Mart in Morrilton, AR that has a male from this litter. He calls him Gunner and says he is the most awesome dog he has ever owned. He hunts squirrel in the day and coon at night. Also, lives with the family in the house. Astrid is holding a pup I call Micky McDee. He went to a deputy sheriff in South Carolina....I have never heard from them again. Still, I wonder about all my pups.