Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is a Dobs / Shooter litter from the past. One of those white pups is our Tie! The spotted male is Case. The cream male is McCormick. The white female is Allis Chalmers! The little black male is Moline--buried here on Galla Creek. McCormick is gone, too! But all made squirrel dogs! We are excited to own Dobs again!
The Rutland family want another Feist. There is nothing like a Galla Feist. Looks like Hagar likes her new home. We are going to try and get them a male out of Dobs and Shooter! Will be a great cross with Hagar! She is out of Tie and Patch--Patch out Bonnie Sue. I plan to name their male, Ishmael and they can call him Ish!


Torrie Rutland said...

We have grown very attached to Hagar. When our boys get off the bus she wants attention from them and she won't stop barking till they pick her up and give her some love. Hagar is very much apart of our family. We're also looking forward to Ish.

Anonymous said...

Our Siggie and Kinzi are the same way!Every morning after they go out to do their business they go right to our boys bedroom door and bark until I let them in to wake them up.They are so excited for them to wake up and give them some love.We will have feists in our lives forever!Thanks to the Renfroes!

Sister--Three said...

Thanks so much guys....for loving our Galla Feists.