Monday, November 07, 2011

Eli--Galla Feist in Connecticut

Al Larson of Connecticut sent a photo of Eli on the tailgate after a hunt this season. He is out of Larry Ellingson's Sandy and O' Max!
Here is Al's email! Thanks, Al for continuing to let us see and hear about Eli! We are sad when we send one of our Feists to a new home and never hear what happened to them. That is the case with Eli's sister (Red Fern). We sold her to an older gentleman from OK. She was already starting to tree around the house....but to this day we have not heard how she turned out! We love knowing about our Galla Feists. Please keep us posted!
Hi Larry and Betty,thought I would send a pic of Eli(2Rivers Sandy X Max) and a couple squirrels we got this morning.He will be 3 in January and I have enjoyed learning how to hunt squirrels with him.We don't have a lot of acorns this fall in CT but right now there seem to be plenty of squirrels,we'll have to see how the season progresses.One thing for sure,Me and Eli will be out there!Take care-Al Larson

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Anonymous said...

Eli looks proud!