Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Bit Better

Little Bit Better is at home with Chrissie and
Johnny Verell of Jackson, TN. Chrissie is an
occupational therapist and Johnny a farmer.
Little Bit Better is staying in the house which
always thrills us. We are proud to see the
results of her first hunt.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl's treeing instinct kicked in...just like
Click, Click! She is turning it on and I am glad.
Ollie is a Granddaughter of Spook on her Dam
and Sire's side...These photos are mixed some
are of Grandmother and some of Ollie. It is hard
to tell which dog is which!

Monday, December 29, 2008

You've Got the Sweetest Little..

Baby Face....Nelson! Adam Patterson took his
Uncle squirrel hunting the day after Christmas.
He said they had a ball...Nelson just gets better!

Here are a few pictures of a hunt that my uncle and
I went on before Christmas Day. My folks were up
from Florida, and he only gets to hunt once or twice
a year. Nelson probably did the best that I've ever
seen him do, and my uncle was pretty impressed.
Nelson has matured and grown up the past two months.
He does nothing but hunt when you let him out of the dog
box. I hope ya'll enjoy the holidays. Thanks. Adam Patterson

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dobs & Zipper Christmas 2008

Zipper enjoys the Christmas lights at
the Vance house.
Zipper and Dobs and a bearded Feist?
Dobs never had any toys until she moved to

Dobs say--"Ah, what a life of Reilley I have. I
sure don't miss that concrete kennel in Arkansas. :-)"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Story of a Boy and his Dog

Caleb Owenby sent another picture of Gator
and himself after a hunt. Caleb lives in Georgia.
He found Galla Creek Kennel on the internet and
he dreamed of squirrel hunting with a dog. He
showed the site to his father...but GA and Arkansas
are quite a ways apart. Well, Caleb presisted and
the family planned a vacation out west and routed
their journey by Galla Creek. We gave Caleb a choice
between a pup and Gator. Gator is out of Radio Flyer
and he was under a year old but treeing the squirrels
in the pen. Caleb picked Gator as his dog and the family
went on their vacation, but when it was over they
traveled back and picked up Gator.

Caleb said that he and Gator were great companions right
away, but he did not really take off treeing like Caleb
hoped, but I guess Caleb loved Gator anyway and this all clicked! Caleb sent us this picture today of
Gator and his take of squirrels. We are so proud of
Caleb Owenby. He will love squirrel hunting the rest of
his life. And I bet he will be a good dog trainer too!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Treed

Coonie Christmas Treed!
Thanks Troy Vance for this great little dog!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Galla Creek

Merry Christmas!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

From Loomis Ad. Agency--appropriate Christmas greeting.

Cold Springs Rosco

Rosco is Coach Matt Howell's Feist. He is out
of Spook and G. W. Carver. Matt has worked
really hard with Rosco and it paying off!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gator in Georgia--Persistence Pays Off!

Caleb Owenby of Georgia found the Galla Creek
Sq. Dog site and his family was going through
AR on vacation. Caleb talked his father into
buying him a Galla Feist. Gator was treeing in
the squirrel pen, but had not been hunting in
the woods. Well, when family came back through
AR going home to GA they stopped and Caleb picked
up Gator. Caleb says his first season was not
really that successful in hunting but he and
Gator were great companions and quess what?
Gator finally clicked in all together. Caleb
sent a picture of their first hunt this season
and promises to send more. Gator is out of
Radio Flyer!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ray Thomas' Deer from Iowa

Ray Thomas (owns McAndrews Feist Milo) sent
these pictures of the deer he killed. It sure
is a big one! Thanks, Ray, for sharing your
trophy with Galla Creek,

Jr. Green's Shammy--What a Sq. Dog!

Jr. and Vickie sent this picture of Shammy
and her take in one morning hunt--22 squirrels
and 2 coons in a morning hunt and looks like
12 or 14 in the afternoon round. I am proud
that Shamrock was born right here on Galla Creek.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oliver and Moline

Len Ames sent an email and pictures of Ollie.
So I decided to share pictures of Moline--my
Feist and full brother to Ollie. Ollie and Mo
are out of Dobs and Shooter. They both have
great confirmation and both are real lookers.
Thanks, Len, for the update on Ollie and sounds
like you are doing pretty good with his training.

Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Renfroe!
Ollie is doing well, is healthy and happy here in Texas!
I have been keeping him in the woods as much as possible,
and he has started ranging out and exploring on his own.
I took him out this morning (Nate's cousins are here
from south Louisiana and he didn't want to go with us)
and we went to some public hunting land that is often
overrun with deer and duck hunters. I duck hunt there
quite often and know that the hardwoods around the lake
hold a bunch of squirrels.
It was warm this morning, and there was not another
vehicle out there. Ollie and I walked around for about
an hour, and although I saw several squirrels on the ground,
they were gone before Ollie saw them. (This place has been
getting select cut over the last several weeks, and Ollie
can't see very far in most places).
Every time I drive in and out of this place, I always see
squirrels running across the dirt road as my truck approaches.
I was getting a little frustrated that I couldn't put Ollie
on anything so I decided to walk the road with him. I hoped
we could jump some squirrels and let him get a good look
at them. We hadn't gone 50 yards when a gray squirrel
darted across the road, and Ollie was off in hot pursuit.
The squirrel made it to a huge oak with lots of hollows
and Ollie was a bit confused for a second, but he began
sniffing around and looking up. He milled around for a
minute while I looked for the squirrel, but I never
found it. About 25 yards later Ollie another gray
took off and Ollie gave chase again. This time he
seemed to know what was going on a little more and
immediately looked up. He gave a quick bark, and
I congratulated him. I would have shot the squirrel
out, but I just couldn't find it.
I don't know if walking him down the road was a good idea
in the long run (any thoughts?), but I was very excited
about him being able to see some squirrels and watching
him get worked up about them. We tried a few more
places on our way some, but didn't see any more.

Here are some pictures-
1. He loves running on fallen logs
2. Trying to figure out where the first squirrel went
3. Looking up and about to bark at the second squirrel

I am so proud to have a Galla Creek dog, I'm pretty sure
he's idiot proof!

Take care, talk to you again soon
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Troy Vance's New Squirrel Dog

Troy Vance has two great female Feist squirrel
dogs--Ziporah and Cork. Zip is a half sister to
Spook and Cork is out of Max and Awesome Aussie!
But he wanted another one so now he has Dobs!
Dobs is out of Spook and G. W. Carver. There were
4 pups in that litter--Coach Matt Howell's Rosco (who
is making a great squirrel dog), Dibs (Robert Wiggins
owns her), Dobs (Troy's dog) and the other one was
called Dabs...he was treeing at about 4 months and
a utility worker ran over him here by my house. I wil
tell you I cried like a baby and buried him with one
of these big Galla Rocks making his grave!
Here is what Troy said about Dobs--
Dec. 18, 2008

I think this is Troy's Dog Kennel. I see Dobs
likes it better than the one she had here on
Galla Creek.

Dobs treeing in Arkansas

Dobs in Long Horn Country!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Athena Lee--Floyd & Tia Daughter!

Some days we wonder---what will we post on
the blog today? But like a miracle some of our
Feist friends send us pictures or we see Galla
dogs or Sq. Dog and ask if we can also share the
pictures. We want to share photos of Coach Matt
Howell's Dog, Rosco, but today we got these from
the Whitfield's of Siler City, North Carolina.
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and stories
with us...each of you are a blessing to two old
hillbillies in AR!
Here is Cherelle's email--
Mr. and Mrs. Renfroe,
We celebrated Athena Lee's 1st birthday on Friday,
December 12. We got Lee from Dean and Barb Wright
last year, she is a Floyd/Tia pup. I just wanted to
give you a quick update. She is doing great and boy
does she rule our house. I can't believe how much she
has grown. When we got her she was only about 3lbs - now
she is 12.4 lbs.
Thankfully we have lots of squirrels right outside of our
front door because she LIVES to tree squirrels, as a matter
of fact she will hunt anything that moves. Just the other
night we had a mouse in our house.... needless to say it
had me up on the chairs. :-D Eddie was trying to catch
it but Lee beat him to it! Boy, was I happy to be able to
come down off the chair. We have decided that Lee is a
much better rodent chaser that any of the cats.

Please enjoy the pictures attached and feel free to share.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the Galla Creek Family.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Eddie, Cherelle, and Lee Whitfield
Siler City, NC

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Face Nelson

Adam sent us another photo of Baby Face
Nelson and his take. Adam also took Kevin
Fulgham hunting with Nelson one day recently.
Kevin, thanks for the photo and we are so
happy to see your brother home safe!

Here is a picture of Nelson. My younger brother is
home on military leave and he and I killed 5 squirrels
this afternoon when I got home from school. The squirrels
were moving good, and Nelson treed really well.

He keeps getting better and better.

Adam Patterson

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rabbit Hunting

A lot of rabbit hunters like squirrel
hunting too, or the other way around.
We have an ice storm here in Arkansas.

Jake Wright and his buddy Tommy after a short rabbit
hunt Sat. morning--They would have limited easy but are
on a kick of rabbit hunting with 22's and still got five.
I remember you inquiring about beagles some over the years
and these are ours. Jake is holding Jenny and Lead, Jenny
is the black backed female, Lead is tri-colored male and
Tommy is holding Hattie who is 18 month old blue-tick pup
from them.
Dean and Barb

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Galla Creek Flint

Tommy Collins of Willis, TX sent pictures
of Flint in his new home. Tommy has Dan
out of Nogo Nell and Annie out of Sparky.
Flint is out of Ohio Lia and Spud. Tommy
was amazed at all the ways his 3 dogs are
Nell is Dan's mother and Flint's grandmother.
Flint's Father and Annie's mother are full
siblings. Dan's father, Romeo, and Nogo Nell
both go back to Old Rowdy! Romeo's father is
Max--he is also the father of Flint's father
and Lia's father. And I am so confused I am
not sure how else they are related....but I
know Tommy loves all three of the dogs!