Monday, August 31, 2009

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard--just over in OK from Waldron, AR--has two pups for sale. The pups, a male and a female--are out of Lilly (Zipporah/Radio) and Jed (Spook/Max). Here is Jonathan's email. We are really busy getting our new place ready for our move. 1000s of things need to be done AND our desktop computer is broke. If you don't see a post, we are ok, just have trouble getting this little lap top to fit big fingers.

Hello Larry and Betty,

Here are some pictures of the pups I took today. They are 28 days old today. The order is as follows from left to right. The male is on the left (
Merlin), in the middle is the female marked up like Lilly(Star), on the right is the female I am keeping (Daisy). Merlin earned his name from his 2 magically blue eyes. My wife wants to keep him, but Daisy was my pick from day 1. The pup by itself is Daisy. I saw your new house on the blog and it looks great! It looks like it will be very peaceful. I hope all goes as yall had hoped with the move. Take care and I'll talk to ya later.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Galla Creek Stuart

Kevin Fulgham sent photos of Stuart. Here is the note that came with the three photos. Stuart should do well this season and Kevin is anxious to see what happens. I hope they get a bunch of bushy tails!
I took Stuart out for about an hour this morning and here are a few pics. The squirrels are pretty much staying up in the timber but he did good considering. He handles great and has a motor on him that won't quit. He's a pleasure to own that's for sure.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moving to the Meadow

Our new house sets in the trees in front of our Meadow. The entire Meadow is about 15 acres. Galla Lake butts the back side. It is a wonderful, peaceful setting. A lane comes to the front of the house only to our house. We will have no fast moving trash or UPS trucks running over our Feists. We can let two run out at a time here.

Here is a front view of the house. The previous owners are gone. There is a lot to I will be very busy. I am going to limit the size of my kennel, but since the Galla Creek house is still mine, I can take my time getting all this done.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Toby and Smarty

Toby above and Smarty below are full brothers. Sonny Peace owns Toby and Roger Littlejohn is Smarty's master. Roger sent this description of the life with Smarty

First picture is of Buckley's Ol #7 (Jay's Joe Black X Buckley's Princess) and Pretty Boy Smarty (Wright's Pretty Boy Floyd X McAndrews Smarty) playing in the front yard.

Second picture is of a sleeping Pretty Boy Smarty who's gotten too big for his puppy bed, but still think he needs to catch a nap inside at night while Pat and I are on the computers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home made Squirrel Trap

Adam Mock hand crafted this squirrel trap and sent me some pictures of it. Thought I would share it as the design is different from the store bought kind.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toby Tells...

'Possum to scat. Toby is a pup from Pretty Boy Floyd and Smarty. He came from Dean Wright's Kennel.

Toby belongs to Sonny Peace--Here's Sonny's email--
Wanted to send you guys a pic of Toby trying to catch a possum. Squirrels are cutting hickorys here now and are not coming down much. Ole Toby will find something to get after. He found two very young possums in a feeder and one in this little oak. As long as he can see what he has in a tree he will count hem off. He has put a few squirrels up at the feeders but has yet to tree on those. Not bad for a 20 month old pup. Thanks, Sonny
I think Toby meant to say--20 week old pup!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Harvey sent a picture of his pup, Jake. We called him Jute--out of Bonnie Sue and Radio. He is 4 months old and was really mad at this caged squirrel.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hunting In South Alabama

Larry McDowell called from Alabama. He owns Rebel who is out of Nogo Nell and Spud. Larry was wondering about our big moving day. Well, it will probably be a moving year. We are only moving about a quarter of a mile and we will live in Galla Meadow. So you folks can still find us. All those guys we owe money to can still find us too! lol

Larry was saying when you go fishing in Alabama you don't wash your hand off in the water after baiting your hook or getting the fish off your line. I can see why!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red Fern and Eli

This is Red Fern (ours) and Eli (lives in Conn.). They are Max pups out of an Old Rowdy line
female. Eli is treeing and Red Fern has shown a lot of interest. We will be selling Red Fern because we have bought another house and will be moving in a few weeks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sterling Ernhart sent a new picture of Greta. She is out of Opal and Shooter. Sterling said she is on the move most of the time...then if he sits down...Greta wants to sit in his lap. The other dog in the photo is Sterling's Louan.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Those of us who have grandkids know how precious they are. Wayne Hawkins sent me these pictures of his little granddaughter, Cameron. What a blessing!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jonathan Pollard's Jed/Lily Pups

Jonathan Pollard sent new pictures of his Jed/Lily pups. They are about 3 weeks old. He has two of these for sale. You can read more about the pups on the -Galla Gazette-

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who'd Had Thought It?!*&%$#@!

I have been blessed in my lifetime. I have wonderful children. One the Lord allowed to remain with me after having cancer at age 3. She took no treatments and today I have a Grandson at her house. What a blessing and undeserved. I have 4 wonderful grandbabies. Three live a rock's throw from my own house. And it all goes well in September I am moving and I will get to live in Galla Meadow again.

I was blessed yesterday when Spook had 7 pups. The sire is Shooter. I told Betty I planned to keep them all except the one going to Wayne Hawkins. She said, "WHAT?" And I am sure I will have to sell some of this litter. Spook turns 8 in January. This may be the last of the Spook pups. I hoped and prayed for females and there are 4 plus 3 males. If I sell any, I will have to ask more than my usual price as these are more precious than diamonds. Betty is naming them after characters associated with Helen of Troy--they were born on her sister, Helen's birthday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is Sasha. Her parents are Max and Awesome Aussie.

Monday, August 17, 2009


This is Deputy and Blue Bell's brother, Dagwood, with his owner, J. B. Mills. Dagwood is out
of Dobs and Max. Sherry Vance of Hawkins, TX shared his photo. Dagwood looks alot like J. I.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty Boy Smarty

Pretty Boy Smarty (Floyd and Smarty) is always trying to help around the yard. He was trying to clean the table--left a few paw prints and below...The Boy is doing a little pruning! Read Roger Littlejohn's email below the photos.
Pat and I had been noticing that the patio table was getting awful dirty for some reason as well as the chair seats. It turns out that Mr. Smarty gets his paws wet in the morning dew then decides to sun and dry himself off while snoozing on the patio table when no one is around.....busted :-)
The second picture is Smarty helping us with yard work. We were trimming some branches off a Cherry tree and as soon as we would put a branch on the ground, Mr. Smart Stuff would grab it and take it across the yard for some dental exercise. I remember my Grandmother brushing her teeth with a Blackgum twig, so I guess Smarty thought a Cherry twig would help him.
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy watching this young fellow grow-up :-)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Sasha is out of Aussie and Max. She lives with the Mike White family in Kentucky. Max will soon join her. I think the other Feist is a daughter of Sasha's.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Max's Old Kentucky Home

Max is moving to Kentucky in late September. I have sold him to Mr. and Mrs. Mike White. They own a Galla Feist, Sasha, out of Max and Awesome Aussie, and a pup of Sasha's. Mike says that Max will get to hunt some and lay around all he wants. I love Max and want his last years to be in a place where he is King.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deputy's New Home

Danny and Joyce Westbrook came up from Texas and picked up Deputy. He is going to love his new home for they are the nicest folks. Joyce loves all dogs and and Danny is all about hunting. The first photo is here by our house and the others Joyce sent along with this nice email that follows below:
Thank you for your hospitality. We enjoyed the trip and love our new puppy. He is really smart. Here are some pictures. He has stayed the first two nights in the house , sleeping on our bed. I hope he does not get too spoiled OR I don't get too attached because Danny said he has to be put in the kennel. But I wanted to make sure he was use to us and our voices and I also brought the other puppies in to introduce him. He gets along great with my half Jack Russel dog. He also loves the pond. Joyce and Danny
Joyce and Dep by Arkansas Crepe Myrtle
Danny and Dep by Ouachita River
Joyce and Dep still in Arkansas
Dep meets the Jack Russel Mix
Dep at home in Texas!

Monday, August 10, 2009

PJ Found

Got an email from George Chisenhall and he found PJ--I am glad he at least knows what happened to her--here is the message!

Just though I would let you know PJ came up missing still have not figured how she got out of her kennel. She was hit by a car here in front of my house. Have found and confirmed what little remains are left that it is her. I have one daughter off of her and 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. So her name will live here for a while. I have one female that resembles PJ's sire Nimrod Butch but has all of PJ's personality that I call Peanut she is close as I will ever get to PJ. so she will stay here to be my personal hunting buddy. PJ's grandson Fred is making an awesome dog but is more like his sire Nubby. I purchased Nubby from Ed Jones in Kentucky as a 6 week old pup a couple of years back to mate with PJ's daughter TP and they throwed some good pups that make squirrel dogs.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

PJ Missing

This is PJ she lives in South Carolina. She disappeared from her Kennel a few nights ago. Dogs were on both sides of her and the owners were sleeping just 75 feet from the kennel. I do hope she is found, but several days have passed and she has not turned up. Old Mule (handle of owner) thinks perhaps she was taken. PJ is 9 years old. She was born on Galla Creek to Pris Wilkerson and Nimrod's Butch. Butch was a full brother of Max A Million. Pris was born on Galla Creek, too, her mother is Belle Starr. We are hoping for a happy ending to this story.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jonathan Pollard sent a picture of Constitution Connie. She is out of Spud and Ohio Lia. That litter was born near the 4th of July last year and we named them after the event. We were pleased to see Connie again. Jonathan also has Lily and Jed from our Kennel..well, Lily is from Troy Vance's Kennel, but we think he is Galla Creek of Texas!

Friday, August 07, 2009

More Puppies

These pups are out of Jed (Spook and Max) and Lily (Radio Flyer and Zipporah). Lily and Jed
belong to Jonathan Pollard of Oklahoma. He will have 3 of the pups for sale. Doesn't Jed look like Pretty Boy Floyd?
Here is part Jonathan's email-- His email addres is and his phone number is 870-584-2723.
Here are some pics of Jed, Connie, Lilly and her puppies. They were all took today. The pups were born on 08/02/2009. There are 4 pups in the litter and I plan to keep a female for now and that would leave 2 males and 1 female for sale. I will be asking $300 each. I took the puppies to the vet today and got their tails docked and both front and rear dewclaws removed. The pups seem to be all white for now, but you know how that goes. I am in southeast Oklahoma in Smithville, OK. I hope you like the pics, Jed and Connie aren't ones for standing still for very long but they finally messed up and gave me some good poses. Thanks again for all yall have done to help me! If I can ever help or in some way return the favor, just holler.

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan has one more of our dogs--Constitution. I will post her picture later this week. She is out of Ohio Lia and Spud. Lily looks like Radio Flyer!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Time marches on...over two years ago Hazel was born here to Carolina Crossfire and Spud. The Clarks of Alabama got her as a puppy. Some of these pups may be for can email the clarks at

I found the old photo of Hazel as a pup. Here is the link to Hazel as a Puppy!.

Here is part of Jennifer Clark's email--
Hi. This is Robert and Jennifer Clark from Butler, AL. We came up to Galla Creek in June of 2007 and added Hazel to our family. We love her!!! She was a pup of Vern Gosdin and Carolina Crossfire. Well, now she has 6 beautiful pups of her own!!! She is the best mom!! She was bred with a great male from Tombigbee Kennels in Sweetwater, AL. We have included some pictures of them....... they were born on July 19.......and we have also included a picture of Hazel. She is a great squirrel dog and the kids have "taken" many squirrels with her! We know her pups will be just as wonderful! Thanks again for a super dog and loving family pet!