Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hagar is Marc's Favorite!

Marc Rutland's emil--
We just came inside from cleaning out the shed. After she killed a big rat where we were cleaning around my shed. All she wants to do is be outside in the woods or the yard. I love her and she is best dog I have ever had.

Marc, you made our day. Hagar is out of Patch and Tie!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Honoring Otis

Tony and Vicky came from Kansas City, Kansas Saturday and picked up Otis. Otis' new name is Spitfire! Vicky said she would have to get used to calling him Spit but that is what Tony wanted to call him. The name fits as he surely is full of spit and vinegar. We always have high hopes that new owners will honor us with photos and news of our Feists. Sure hope to hear about Spit in the future!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oscar, Ollie and Otis--And Then There were Two!

Oscar and Ollie wonder, "where is Otis going?" Otis moved to Kansas today. I will post photos of Vicky and Tony and Otis later. They are calling Otis Spit Fire! He is full of spit and vinegar so the name suits him! Otis should be in his new home by now and we hope he made the 6 hour ride with no problem.
Otis howls that he is ready to go to Kansas!
L to R--Oscar, Ollie, and Otis
Same order as above!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Little Rain Is Good For The Heart

Nothing better than a nice rain after a dry spell.
We got a nice rain yesterday. Not sure how much but it was a big blessing.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

O Pup--O. C.

Ocie is the smallest of the O girls from Opal and Tie. She has what you call a rose ear where the other two girls ears fold over. Ocie wants you to get her out of the kennel when we go out there. She barks and barks saying, 'get me, now'. She is available to a home. Price $350.00 Ready to go now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The O Girls

Here are the Opal ~ Oliver pups. Three girls--of which two are available--one is smaller than the other two. Their names are O. B., O. C. and O. D. or Obie, Ocie, and Odie! They love their fan. We have it rigged to blow over their water bowl. They spend most of the day lounging in front of the breeze.

We weaned the three today. Price is $350.00. Each girl has her first shot, dew claws have been removed, and tail shortened! You can check out Opal and Oliver (Tie is what we call him) by searching for each name in the right corner search box of this blog. They are both great squirrel dogs.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Here are photos of Angela and Stewart Malone holding Opie. We named the litter in honor of Opal and Oliver. The males (all sold) are Ollie, Oscar, and Otis. The girls are O. B., O. C., O. D., and O. P. or Obie, Ocie, Odie and Opie! The Malone's left Hagan's lead and we want to offer to send it by mail if they want us to. When Stewart comes we can't help but want to hum that country song about the young soldier!

We sure hope they love Opie as much as they do Hagan!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sammy Comes to See Us

Stewart and Angela Malone came to pick up O.P. or Oppie. They brought Sammy to see us again. We were so pleased with Sammy's home and family that love him. He has a new name, "Hagan". He ate a box of Copenhagen not long after they took him home from Galla Creek. Sammy was really sick! The name Hagan stuck and it fits him. He is a little ornery just like Festus Hagan.

Stewart has enrolled Hagan in school and his teachers are amazed at how smart he is and how fast he catches on to new tasks. We are not surprised at all. Hagan is out of a daughter of Opal, Chaney, and Tie. Oppie is from Tie and Opal. The two pups will make an excellent line breeding and when folks see Hagan they will want a pup just like him. I will post Oppie's picture tomorrow evening and stretch two posts from this visit.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Whelping Kennels

I started my new whelping kennels when the weather cooled but it is hot again and I have not got any more done. After about 5 years or so I think you need new kennels as they are hard to keep clean and over time they seem very germy to me. I plan to have 2 new ones by next spring. I am making the floor out of these kennel panels I ordered 2 years ago. They will pop out if you want to remove them. I have not decided how I will do the rest, but Betty says I have an engineering mind and she can't wait to see what I create.

Friday, July 20, 2012

O Pups Using Their Noses Already

These 3 male pups have homes unless something does not congeal. Otis to Kanas. Ollie to Texas and Oscar going to join Spook and Nell in LA/MS.

We have a couple of females from the litter and I will try to get photos and let folks see them. These should be great squirrel dogs. One female is leaving Saturday to join Galla Creek Sam with the Malone family!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Otis Going To Kansas

Otis will be moving to Kansas soon. We have sold a Feist to Kansas one other time several years ago. Tony Athon will be Otis' new owner. He is going to call Otis Spit Fire. We think the name will fit fine!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Male O Pups ~ Oscar, Ollie, and Otis

Here are the three male pups from Opal and Oliver "Tie". It was hard to get a good photo of Otis as he would not be still. They loved being indoors in the cool air. Tony Athon gets first pick on these males as we have had his deposit since April! If Danny wants a male, he can have second pick. Oscar and Otis are lemon with white trim. Ollie is white with lemon accents. Oscar is the largest of the three pups. Ollie and Otis are similar in size.

Tony, let us know which one you want and we will let Danny pick between the other two.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

O Pups

We sent off the register papers on the Oliver -- Opal pups today. We used the O theme since both parents names start with that letter. The three boys are Otis, Ollie, and Oscar. The four girls just have initial names--O. B, O. C., O. D., and O. P thus pronounced Obie, Ocie, Odie and Opie!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hannah's Roscoe

Hannah Jester sent a photo of Roscoe on a recent camping trip! Here is her email:
We went to lake Ouachita and he absolutely loved it!!! There were a bunch of squirrels at our campsite and he's doing great at treeing them!! He also liked fishing too!!!! :) just filling you in!!! Hannah

Friday, July 13, 2012

Opal ~/~ Tie Pups A Month Old!

Opal's babes are a month old. We are naming them all with words that start with S as they all shine. Many of them are the dusty color. Not as many are pure white. Some are still available if you are looking for a great Feist pup.