Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matt Howell's Dixie

Matt sent this photo of Dixie and her latest hunt. She is doing great. Thanks for sharing, Matt!
Dixie is out of Troy Vance's Dobs (from Galla Creek) and Old Max! Tradition continues! Looks like 6 squirrels on that tailgate! Here's part of Matt's email:
I hunted Dixie for 1hr and 15min on Friday afternoon and she made 7 trees and I killed 6 squirrels. She is doing awesome! I am lucky to own her. She is 1 ½ years old! Matt

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sadie and Spook

Sadie (Lee Moore) sure looks like her Grandma, Spook.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lee Moore's Sadie Belle and Scout

Lee Moore is smiling. Sadie Belle has caught the squirrel hunting bug is on fire to hunt and tree. His new pup, Scout, is out of Sadie's sister, Babe Oyl, and Radio Flyer. He is interested in the goings on and is only a young whipper snapper. Sadie is a litter mate to our Olive Oyl, who we lost last winter. Scout is a littermate to Lucky Strike! Thanks, Lee for sharing the hunt. Here is his email:
This morning we took Scout and Sadie to the woods. My dad, neice, nephew, sister and I all went. We managed to shoot out 3. Sadie treed a couple other times, but there were too many leaves to find the squirrels. Lee Moore
And this is an email from his hunt last week!
Hi Mr. Larry and Mrs. Betty, hope all is well with yall. I decided to take the day off today and Daddy and I took the dogs out. Sadie treed alot a dozen or more times this morning but we were only able to kill two. I feel like there were squirrels there most of the other times we just probably couldn't see them still so many leaves and only one person to shake vines and one to look. She treed about seven times this afternoon and I managed to shoot one out by myself. This morning she also followed one that timbered out over a couple of ridges. Scout was with us also and he would go on little short expeditions and then come back and would head out with Sadie but he can't quite keep up yet, if Sadie does like I think she is going to I think that will help me get Scout going alot easier. Was going to take the camera but it wasn't acting right will try and get some pictures soon. In a few weeks once leaves have dropped I expect some really good hunting. Thanks for the good dogs. Lee

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jessie's First Squirrel

This is Belle, Rosco/Randi cross, she is for sale! Looking for a hunting home! She has had all her shots. Price: $400.00.
These two females are full sisters from 2 different litters. Below Jessie (Gary Pruitt's Feist)treed her first squirrel this week. The female we have for sale is from the same two dogs--Rosco and Randi. Our little Rosco/Randi cross has a heart on her side! Gary Pruitt sent a picture of his other Galla Feist, Frankie. Frankie is out of Dobs and Shooter!

Friday, November 26, 2010

What a Buck!

Sterling's son, Jason, took this nice buck. This deer looks to score in the 130/140 range. The pretty girl in the photo is Sterling's granddaughter, Abbie. Congratulations, Jason!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has something to be thankful for today. Family, Feists, and Friends are all on my list.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Female Feists For Sale

I have two female Feists for sale. The top one is chocolate and white, out of Dixie and Rosco. She is going to be extra small. Cocoa is very outgoing. Siggie claimed her and has just given me permission to go ahead and sell her. Cocoa's eyes are sort of green. She thinks she is the biggest Feist on the place. Wants to boss everyone including me and I think Siggie taught her that. Siggie's little friend is holding her in the photo. The picture is about a month old, but she is not much bigger than this. She has had 3 of her series of shots! Price: $400.00
This Feist is out of Rosco and Randi. She is 16 weeks old and has had all her shots. She will be old enough to get in the woods a little this season. She is friendly and outgoing. Price $400.00

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Matt Parker's Dan

Matt Parker's Feist is out of Phillip Scroggins Pris, who came from Bruce Blihovde and goes back to Old Rowdy. Phillip bred Pris to Tommy Collin's Dan. Tommy's Dan is from Romeo and Nogo Nell. Romy is out of Bell and Max and Nell's sire is Old Rowdy. Looks like Matt's Dan is turning out ok! Here is his email:
Dear Mr. Larry
Dan has been doing really good. He barks at the tree and stays with them til i get there. I couldnt ask for him to do any better. He loves to hunt, when he sees me get the gun out he goes crazy. He's got alotof squirrels around the house but this was the first time i've taken him somewhere this fall. We didnt do too bad today considering the weather. Thanks again for everthing.
Matt Parker

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lake Drying Up

Galla Lake at our end is very dry. Need a good rain, not just a little sprinkle.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Following Piper

Following Piper is an adventure and Pete is enjoying every minute. Piper found a coyote and Pete had to come to her rescue or she might have been Wiley's next meal! Here's his story and thanks for sharing Pete! Piper is out of Spook and Shooter.
Piper has been burning up the squirrels,with her usual three a day.She still doesn't bark at the tree quite as well as I would like,but we are working especially hard at this each morning and I'm hopeful this will start to click with her soon.She barks well to command for treats,but hasn't made the "squirrel in the tree "connection despite my constant encouragement.Monday we had a near misswith a coyote while squirrel hunting as she winded a bedded one and went to investigate.The coyote was only 10-15 feet from her,popping I'ts jaws,before I was able to shoot and alter the attack.Thanks to the e-collar I was able to keep Piper from renewing the confrontation until I was sure Wiley was down for good.[Tuff to do with squirrel loads].We finished the day treeing six times,killing three.
Best regards Pete

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ohio Hunting

Roger Littlejohn and Sterling Earhart enjoyed a hunt in northern Ohio. They were invited up byJeff Molehlman and his wife Jodi. Roger said they had a great time and the tailgate proves it. We recognize one Feist, Ole Hickory! Thanks for sharing the memory Roger. Here is a little of what he had to say about hunting the big Fox Squirrels!

The dogs treed numerious times, we knocked out 13 big reds to them.

Sterling and I will probably never have this kind of hunt with big reds again, because we just don't have that many down here....it was a memorable hunt and Jeff and his wife Jodi treated us like we had money or something :-) Roger

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Growing Up

Mark Gouger sent us new pictures of Cordoroy, Roy! He is doing well. I posted several photos of him! His brothers are Tweed and Twill. Oh, how I wish I could hear from them. Thanks, Mark, for letting us know about Roy! Hope you have fun with him this squirrel season! Roy is out of Opal and Shooter. I plan to breed Opal to Tie this year and keep a couple of pups for myself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Laine sent photos of Jag in his new world. He is trailing up a squirrel tail, getting a bath and loving his new master. Laine gave Jag the paper name of "Single Shot Jag". We are glad to hear from him. Jag is out of Tie and Bonnie Sue Parker.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Point

Heath Thomas of LA sent this photo of his 4 point. Looks like a big one! He is going to send a photo of Zoey soon. Said she was doing great. Had treed a coon that was trying to steal her food. Way to go Zoey!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sterling Earhart sent a picture of Greta with an update on her life. She is coming along and we are glad to hear of her. Greta is out of Opal and Shooter. Here is Sterling's email:
Hello Larry and Betty, I haven't sent you a picture of Greta in a while so here is one.
I hunted Hickory yesterday afternoon on one of the island, he did a good job. I killed three squirrels with him. And I lost my truck keys while hunting, so I had to go back this morning to try to find them. I took Greta with me and did a little hunting while I looked for my keys. I found my keys and Greta treed three squirrels. One made it to a den.
She is coming along pretty good. I have already knock out a few to her this season.
Hope all is well with ya'll, Sterling

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Corn Fed

This deer may have been corn fed as some folks have feeders, but I would bet it ate a bunch of my peas and okra! Now is pay back time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Siggie Belle and Caiden

Gina Phillips sent pictures of Siggie Bell and Caiden. Siggie loves the house and loves old socks as toys! Caiden has been sick and we hope he is feeling better! Here is what Gina said about little Siggie and Caiden:
Here is Miss Siggie Belle! She is a mess!She does not like the
cold! We have to take her outside to get her to go.She has a dirty sock
fetish too...when she gets tired or wants you to sit down so she can be
beside you she goes and gets dirty white socks and comes back and whines
with socks hanging out of her mouth.She usually has a bunch hidden on the
couch with her green blanket.
Caiden had to send you the picture of he and Siggie resting..he has been
home with phneumonia and Siggie made sure he was resting on the couch with
her..I guess she knew he was sick. Clif and Gina

Friday, November 12, 2010

Colton Gets His Buck

Colton Phillips got his first buck this season and he is smiling. I don't blame him a bit! Colton is the son of Clif and Regina and his family love two of our Feists, Zeke and Siggie Belle. Thanks, Colton for letting us share in your glory!