Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parker Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

October 16, 1999 to November 23, 2011
Remembrance of A Greatly loved Feist--Parker!

We received an email yesterday from the sad family of Parker. Of course, we immediately thought of our own Parker (brother to Carrie nation)....but this was not Galla Creek Parker, but another who carried the same name. We wanted to post a memory to Parker. Below are the two emails from the Lange family!
Dear Larry,
Wanted to let you know that Parker has crossed the rainbow bridge 11-23-11. He was very brave and underwent a very serious surgery, but the postop complications afterward came for him. I know how schmaltzy that sounds considering the nature of mountain feists. I know he’ll be chasing down, off-leash, all the squirrels he can find now. Parker didn’t hunt, per se, but I have great memories of his natural treeing antics in the yard, and those fuzzy tails just teasing him. Thanks for your friendship. I look forward to checking out your page and blog regularly for the beautiful dogs and woods in Galla Creek. Perhaps, in time, we’ll be ready for another little feist, but right now there’s a big silence in the house.
Follow up email explaining about Parker's pedigree!
Hi Larry – Your reply means the world to us. We’re not sure of Parker’s genealogy. He was purchased from a shop at Fairfield Mall in Fairborn, unregistered, and probably nobody would fess up to sending him off that way anymore. We were told his breeder’s name was Steve(?), who perhaps lived at one time in or near Springfield, OH. They gave us pictures of his parents – maybe you recognize them or know someone who might? We’d sure tell Steve, if that was his name, how much we loved that dog. Anyway, when I first went looking for other pups like him, yours were the first I saw but that’s not saying he was. Since then, I’ve seen a lot more squirrel dogs, but then I never realized what great working dogs these feists were – never heard of them before, hehehe. I’ve enclosed some pics...His puppy pic is old and pretty grainy, but Parker’s the lead pup in the pic w/his mother. You can get a pretty good look at Parker’s Dad all stretched up on (Steve?)’s lap. Obviously, Parker had some sibs – heaven knows if they worked at eliminating squirrels or were just sweet companions – broken homes are a puppy’s lot sometimes. Anyway, you’ve got to know what great dogs these are. Parker had surgery for a pheochromocytoma that had invaded his vena cava and left a thrombus in a vessel by his liver. Aside from his tiredness and allergies and then developing a cough from the pressure against his lungs, he never complained but last Sunday couldn’t pee. Emergency exams revealed the tumor far gone. One wonders how his regular vet couldn’t have guessed until it was too late as well. Anyway, the MedVet facility in Worthington, OH, is worth it’s weight in gold for their professionalism and expertise. I can’t say enough about his emergency treatment there. His surgeon was reassuring that dogs do sometimes pull through but the postop shock was too much for our old boy. We miss him, and thanx for allowing me to bend your ear as I know you love this “rare” (not so much anymore) breed too. Susan Lange

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