Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Winnie Learns To Lead!

When the Hyde family picked up Winnie today, I explained that we had not had her on a lead.  When they got back to Cajun country, she had her first lesson and "bam" she got it the first try.  Those Galla Creek Feists are so smart!

Thanks Hyde Family for sharing.

If pups are in a pen together, as Bennie and Winnie were, you can not even have collars on them.  They chew them right off of each other.  Pups do great together but at about 3 months they really need their own kennel to develop into a good Feist.  When they are kept together, one will dominate and it is really hard to get their attention when training because they 'feed' off each other just like kids.

Winnie Is A Cajun!

 A couple of weeks ago, Jr. Green called us from LA (he owns Shamy) asking if we might have a Feist pup we would sell.  Sadly, we had decided to sell Winnie and had told no one.  Winnie and Bennie are 4 months old and they needed to be apart, but we only have pens near the house for the dogs we have.  We have another huge pen but it is out of sight of our back porch.  We made the decision to find a good home for Winnie and trusting Jr. as we do, we went with our gut on the Casey Hyde family.
Casey drove the 5 hours today and got Winnie and brought her son alone.  Winnie will be his dog.  He is in High School and will make a great master for Winnie.  They are going to call her Cady.  Surely hope they will keep us informed on her life.  It was really sad for us to see her go, but Bennie was even sadder.  We will try to spend quality time with Ben and help him through this tough time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Winnie and Bennie

 Bennie and Winnie were born June 1st of this year.  Their mother is Sadie and father, Spud.  Winnie looks just like Sadie and Bennie has more of the look of Spud.
 They are busy, busy pups.  At four months they need to be separated so we are selling Winnie.  A family from LA have spoken for her.  If this does not work out, Winnie will be offered for sale.
 Winnie and Bennie love Cora, but the fondness is not mutual.

 Winnie is a registered Mt. Feist.  We love her, but want to let Bennie run loose a lot and two pups can not run together they venture too far and get into much too much mischief.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bennie And Winnie

 We have two pups out of Spud and Sadie.  Winnie is tan with a black mask like Sadie and Ben is colored more like Spud.  They are busy, busy!
 Here they are hiding in the monkey grass!