Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rosco & the Coons

Nothing makes me happier than a guy who has one of my dogs and loves the dog. That is the case with Matt Howell and Rosco. Rosco is coming on and making a hunting dog that suits Matt.
He will tree a house cat, squirrel, possom, coon or anthing that will climb a tree. Rosco is a son of Spook. I have pasted in Matt's email below the picture.
Hey Larry I just wanted to send you some pictures of some coons that Rosco treed this weekend. He treed 1 coon Friday morning and 1 coon Saturday morning. He treed alot of squirrels too but I did not do a very good job of finding them and I only shot out 3. He is treeing good though and I am really happy with how he is doing. I expect to really tear it up once the leaves drop. I hope everything is going good with ya'll.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Max and Bonnie Sue Parker

Took this the day before Max left for Kentucky. Bonnie Sue Parker is his daughter by Spook. I can see a resemblance in this profile. The 4 males and 2 female pups with Max and Ollie will probably be my last Max pups. Kentucky will be too far away to use Max again. I know you are wondering why I let Max go. I want to have only two males at my new kennel in the Meadow. Max will be 10 soon. I just could not see keeping him as one of the males. Now the two males I plan to keep are Spud and Shooter. If my Jack and Jill pups turn out, I will probably sell Spud.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Olive Oyl/Max Pups are here

There are four males and two females. I have four spoken for.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Max is in Kentucky

Mike and Linda White came from northern Kentucky and took Max to his new home. On their license plate there is a slogan--Unbridled Spirit--it fits Max to a Tee. I hope he and Mike have some good hunts and he enjoys being able to run free on the farm where he is going. I am a little sad but also happy for Max.
Linda, myself and Mike White

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cordoroy's First Try

Mark Gouger sent this picture of Roy with his first tree. Here is his email. I can't remember if Cordoroy is out of Bonnie Sue Parker or Opal. Need to get into my neat filing system and look it up...or maybe Mark will refresh my memory. Here's Mark's message:
Just an up date, Shot the first squirrel out on Roy. Man I wish you could have been there he went wild. Marty said that made our little trip to Arkansas all worth it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Doing as Grandpa Did

I learned from Grandpa Renfroe to give part of the squirrel to those who helped find it.
Sterling Earhart does the same. Wonder if he learned it from his Grandpa.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sterling and his Feist Gang

Sterling Earhart and Sam (Cody bred Feist). Sam treed 6 on this hot Tennessee afternoon which isn't bad for a pup. Here is Roger's email and the other pictures--
Sterling (Crappieman) and I took a couple pups for a short round yesterday afternoon. Although the temperature was in the low 80's the humidity was in the high 90's :-) . Sterling's pup "Sam" (Cody bred) did his job by treeing six, but we were only able to find one of them rascals. Big trees and a lot of leaves is not a good recipe for finding a squirrel that does not want to timber :-), but we were able to give my 6 month old pup "Seven" (Buckley bred) some good woods time with the more experienced Sam.
I have attached a couple pictures of Sterling & Sam from yesterday and a couple pictures of Sterling's Galla Creek pup "Gretta".
Roger Littlejohn shared these pictures of Sterling Earhart and his Feists. Here he is with
Seven, Jeb, and Luann. I pretty sure Seven belongs to Roger and Jeb is Sterlings dog.
This is Gretta. She is Sterling Earhart's Feist from our Kennel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Merlin and Star

These two pups belong to Jonathan Pollard. They are out of Lillie Langtree and Jed. Lillie is from Zipper and Radio and Jed is from Spook and Max. They are still available. Merlin has two blue eyes. Jonathan lives in Ok. but not far from Waldron, Ar. He wants $300 each. They are weaned and have had their first shot. Ready to go now.
This is Star.
And Merlin!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ronald Staten sent this picture of his young female, Roxy. She sure is a pretty Feist! Here is his email explaining about Roxy and the grey squirrel--and the big (all the crawlers look big to me) Rattler!
Hey Larry,
I've been hunting this little 13 mo. old female (Roxy) that I got from Dean Wright last Nov. and she is really treeing good. She is bred "Raider" top and bottom. She can timber a squirrel as good as I have ever seen. With the leaves still on the trees, I'm only able to knock out one every now and then. Today I found a small rattlesnake on the way to the tree and glad that she didn't find it before I did. I enjoy your daily pictures.
Thanks, Ronny Staten

Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember my Friend

My friend Steve Roark of LA is in the hospital. He had a cancerous kidney removed. I hope he is doing better. Please remember to ask the Lord to watch over Steve.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fulgham Boys at Sportsman Bonanza

Kevin sent these pictures and explanation of a father son outing. Kids want our time not things is my two cents. Here is what Kevin had to say:
Clinton won the deer calling contest last night at the Sportsman Bonanza. T-Bone from Michael Waddell's new show Bone Collector was there and brought up 5 kids for the show. Clinton says T-Bone is the best hunter in the world. lol He offered T-Bone .25 for the grunt call. lol He won a hat, shirt a couple stickers and T-Bone let him keep the grunt call. Now Clinton is all excited about going deer hunting and using his new found calling skills.

Ethan was upset he couldn't enter the contest but he did show out in the bow shoot. He hit a turkey and yote so I think he'll be ok. He's still a little jealous though.

Clinton and T-Bone
Deer Idol
Ethan taking aim.

Could it be?

My son-in-law, who lives by me, said he saw an albino squirrel in his backyard. I would love to see it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ol' Hickory

Sterling Earhart sent this recent photo of Hickory, son of our Radio Flyer. Thanks Sterling. Here is Sterling's email.
I have been tuning up Hickory getting him ready for cooler weather and no leaves. He treed four or five times Saturday and saw one squirrel, couldn't get a shot before he hid in the leaves. I'm sending a picture of Hickory at the tree that I saw the squirrel in. Picture is not clear but it's a good pose of Hickory.
I have been taking Greta with me when I hunt here at the house. She don't get out to far but likes to go and likes it when I shoot one and share the liver and heart and stuff with the other dogs. She got in on treeing a little yesterday with Louan treeing a possum.
Hope you can get settled into you new house before good hunting gets here. Are you going to build a new kennel at your new place?
We are still working on our move to the Meadow. We will have to have a new Kennel and new puppy pens. Also, there is a lot to do to the house and shop and everything about the place. I am working on something over there everyday. I get one thing done and find two more that need work.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sadie and Dixie

When Matt sent the picture of Rosco, he sent these of his two female pups. This is what he said in the email--
The white/lemon(Sadie)is out of my Rosco and my Dot. She is only four months old. The black and white one(Dixie) is out of Max and Dobs. Dobs is Rosco's sister who is owned by Troy Vance. She is 5 months old. I trapped a squirrel and decided to let them see it while it was in the cage and then I was going to raise it up in the tree and let them bark at it. They were pretty aggressive and they flipped the cage and let the squirrel out. To my surprise they chased it and treed it! It timbered on them and they finally lost it. They then began to smell with their noses up in the air trying to locate it. As you can imagine I am very pleased and I can't wait to get them in the woods.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rosco Wins 3rd

Matt Howell sent several pictures of his two female pups and this one of Rosco winning
3rd in the Piney Hunt. I will post the rest of his email and the pictures of his pups tomorrow.
I still don't have my desk top computer with all my dog folder pictures on it. So I get to hurting for pictures to post. Rosco is out of Spook and G. W. Carver. He is a littermate to Troy Vance's Dobs. Thanks, Matt for sending these and the nice email.
Here is what Matt had to say--will post the rest tomorrow with the other photos!
I first want to start off by saying thank you for introducing me to your fantastic Galla Creek dogs. I don't think that I could be anymore pleased than I am now. Rosco is doing great, he gets better every time I take him out. I entered him in another hunt the other day and he ended up getting third. All he likes now is that win to make him a champion. I am very confident that he will do this by the end of this squirrel season.

Thanks again Larry and Betty for these great dogs!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Dad & his Feists

This was taken in the 1940s. I got the picture Saturday when I went to the Family Reunion.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here is Siggie with little Jill. I hope Jack and Jill are as good as Spud and Sparky were.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Georgia Brown

Walter Brown is here working an outage for the Entergy Plant. He goes into the reactor and cleans the system of nuclear waste. Siggie is holding Jack, my male pup from Spook/Shooter and Walter has Sweet Georgia Brown in the bottom photo. Georgie is going to Wayne Hawkins of GA. I have thought of names for the litter--females are Jill, Georgie, Piper, and Miss Muffet and the males are Jack, King Tut, and Doodle Dandy.

Walter lives in Woodville, MS. He is a good friend who loves squirrel and coon hunting. He has a
a Belle Starr/Snowball dog that I raised.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Simeon's New Home

Shelby Sawyers sent photos of Simi in OK. He trapped a squirrel to see what Simi would is what he did.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sterling & Friends

This is Sterling Earhart with 7, Jeb, and LuAnn. He and Roger Littlejohn took the 3 hunting.
Sterling is letting them smell what they treed. The 3 are from Buckley's Kennel.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Caramel Bell

Caramel Bell lives in LA with John and Ann Tubre. She is out of Daisy and Raider. Daisy is from Spook and Max. John is getting a male pup from the Spook/Shooter litter. He is naming his pup
King Tut. Tut and Bell should make a great team. John said Bell is not quite where he wants her but maybe this season she will show all she has got. She is beautiful on the tree and also just posing. I really love her looks.

Want to say a special thank you to John for the pictures.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Little Boys and Puppies

Clayton came this weekend. Betty and Astrid had to remove the stitches from the Spook
puppies tails. Clayton really liked the puppies...but all little boys love dogs and most big boys
love them too.

Wayne Hawkins gets the only black and white female. I am keeping a black and white male. John Tubre from LA is getting a male. It maybe the black and white one or just white.
After the girls finished getting the stitches out of the black puppy tails, Astrid took them back to the whelping kennel and you can see what Clayton did.
He was so glad to see the 4 white pups that he kissed the pile of them. Spook has never had 7 pups until this time and she will be 7 her birthday.
I am keeping a white female pup. There are 4 females and 3 males so I have at least a male and female puppy still available. I am asking $350.00 for each pup. I am excited about my two. I hope they are like Spud and Sparky were.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Col. Coon

Roger Littlejohn took Col. Coon out for a short hunt with two other young pups. This is a cell phone photo, but it shows the Col. can talk to the troops about Mr Squack. Col. is from Jack Buckley's Kennel.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Dobs is out of Spook and Peanut. Troy Vance is her master. I should get my computer back this week.