Friday, February 27, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll!

Tim Taylor organized a hunt for a few Galla
friends in Alabama. Kevin Fulgham made this
slide show of the photos he took and shared
them with us. Tim is a great friend to any
squirrel hunter or dog lover. He knows a lot
about hunting and handling dogs. We are honored
to call both Kevin and Tim Galla Creek Friends!

New Meaning to 'In a Hole'!!

Brown Sugar and Nogo Nell give a new
definition to the old saying 'come on--
in a hole'.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dwayne Cook's Gracie

Seems like lots of fathers are getting into
squirrel hunting because the kids love it. They
could wait all day deer hunting and never see
a thing or get to shoot...but with a good sq.
dog like Gracie, they can go and have fun and
kill the squirrels their dog trees. What fun.

Gracie is bred to Radio Flyer. Dwayne drove
down Tuesday with Gracie. She is out of Cole's
Booster and a female of Tim Weaver's. Gracie
is 5 years old. This will be her first litter.

Dwayne is a dairy farmer. He also booked a pup
out of Max. Dwayne's email is copied below the
photos he shared.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Larry Ellingson's Tailgate Shot

Larry Ellingson sent this tailgate shot after a
two hour hunt in the Biscoe bottoms on Sunday
afternoon with Wild Bill and Lacey J. He said
he had killed 209 squirrels this season.

Lacy and Bill are related to Sandy who is the
mother of our two red Pups...well, one red pup.
Ronnie Parker drove up from Mississippi this week
and talked me out of the red male...I still have
the little red female. I am leaning toward calling
her Red Fern.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honoring Some Young Hunters

These youth hunters are Pete Powers boys
and Preston Taylor!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Galla Creek Chain Gang!!!

Tim Taylor organized a Galla Creek Reunion in
Alabama! Pete Powers and his sons attended with Kevin
Fulgham and his son, Clint. Preston Taylor was
the main host. Tim's friend, Joe enjoyed the hunts.
All these Galla Creek Feists enjoyed seeing each
other again and hunting with relatives! Thanks to
Kevin and Tim for so many pictures. I will feature the
boys in future posts.

Roll Call on the Chain Gang: Paisley, Mister, Dixie, Rebel, Wooo, Tressie, Silas,
and Sugar!!! Tim Taylor correct me is I am wrong on the names. Nogo Nell and
Zeb were there too!

1st Annual Galla Run

Kevin Fulgham & Paisley; Pete Powers & Nell; & Tim
Taylor with Woo! Notice the hats--Alabama, LSU, and
Auburn!! I hope next year I can come and wear a hog hat!

Kevin Fulgham's Paisley!

Nogo Nell

Sweet Brown Sugar!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

January Ice Storm in Arkansas

Click on this link to see the January Ice Storm Photos!

Here onGalla Creek we were lucky in January. Other parts of
Arkansas saw a lot of damage from ice. A few Arkansas folks
are just now getting electricity again. Look at the pictures and
see that beauty can also be destructive!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Red Pups!

I got my two red pups home. Their mother
is a granddaughter of Old Rowdy and Bell.
They are out of Spud. I need help with 2
names. Something to do with red! I like
them a lot. The female reminds me of Belle
when she was this size.The pup on the right
in the top picture is the female.The pup
with the white on its foot is the male.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Galla Creek Abilene

Abilene is out of Cork and Judge Roy Bean. I
got her from Troy Vance. She is not a year
old yet. I call her Coonie because of her ring
tail. I have been working with her quite a lot
and she is doing really well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brook Taylor goes Squirrel Hunting

Tim Taylor often takes his son on his hunt.
He sent pictures from last weekend where Brook
went along. They make a good duo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Matt and Rosco

Matt Howell sent pictures of Rosco and his last
hunt. Also, sent photos of his new place. He is
buying his first home. It is a simple white frame
on several acres next to the National Forest...
I think it is a perfect place. In the picture of
Matt and will see a green bracelet.
It is from the Sophie's Race for a cure. Matt's
niece, Sophie (only a young teenager) has had
bone cancer in her knee. She has had a good report
of late and Matt wears the bracelet in her honor.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feist Trees Snowman

Brian Connolly of near Boston, Mass. sent
a picture of his Feist ripping into the
snowman in his back yard. Spotty and Daisy
tore the arms from Mr. Snowman in quick
order. Rule is no strangers in the Connolly
back yard!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nogo Nell~Vern Gosdin Pup

Got these pictures from Jim in Michigan. This
pup is out of Nogo Nell and Spud. Here is Jim's
message that came with the pictures. Sorry Jim
I don't think I have your last name--
Hi Larry, here's a couple of pictures of my pup out
of Nogo Nell and Spud taken in Michigan this morning.
I wanted a picture of her on the tree but with a cell
phone and her acting like a pogo-stick it wasn't possible.
She treed three squirrels but we were only lucky enough to
get one out before it got in a den. Thanks to you and Julian
Swann for making this cross and thanks to Dean Wright for
helping me get this pup, so far I really enjoy her.
Thanks again Jim

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hear Ye--Hear Ye!!

Tim Taylor sent this little video of Woo working
the squirrel in a tube. He took it with his cell
phone and on top of was about dark, but
you can hear the clear voice of ole White Razor!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daisy's--Rose, Lily, & Violet

The top photo is the litter of pups Galla Creek
Daisy had here on Galla Creek-Raider was the sire.
Barb sent photos of three of Daisy's girls from
her litter in Ohio by the same sire. Do they
look similar. Barb and Dean named their three
girls Rose, Lily, and Violet.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Reunited--It feels so Good!

I sold J. I. Case a few months ago and the guy
decided he wanted a Cur. I bought him back and
got him here today. Moline and he were so happy
to see each other again--do you reckon they remember
being pups together. Well, maybe not, but they seem
to know they are brothers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Memory of a Special Mt. Feist

I got the nicest email from a family who lost their
Mountain Feist. I asked if I could post the pictures
of Gizmo as a memorial. Here is Janice's message:
Hi Larry:
You have the BEST looking Feists! I saw your website

after being on Sq Dog Cent. for about four weeks now.
Five weeks ago my husband and I lost our Gizmo. He was
the first Feist we've ever been blessed to have and have
been just aching since the tragedy. He, who never went out
front, went across our road and was struck and killed. He
was only 8. But he'd already travelled this wonderful land
(including the Ouachita & Ozarks) and had his own webpage: We miss
him terribly. I also sent you a couple of my favorite pictures.
As you can see, he was up for anything (tho he usually ran
alongside the horses, he did ocassionaly like to go for a ride).
I wish you had pups out of your Spud. I think he is gorgeous.
'Course, I don't hunt so you might not want to sell me one of
your dogs. But if you ever have one that does not work out
for hunting and is under a year, I'd love to have a chance to
be partners with another Feist. Maybe I could visit you
someday on another trip through AR. Keep up with the
pictures too. Someone is pretty good with a camera (one of my hobbies).
Blessings, Janice Raddatz

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Galla Creek White Razor

Razor is named for the Razorbacks and we always
called him 'Woo'. Tim Taylor owns him now and he
calls him Raz or Razor. I guess he is afraid to to call
"Woo, Woo" in the woods down there in 'Bama! He
might get shot over "Woo, Pig Sooie!" I am glad we
did not name him OH-Bama!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kevin Fulgham sent these pictures and explanation
of his 'natural squirrel feeder'. Here is his email:

Larry here are some pics of my squirrel feeder.
It's three trees grown together that the squirrels
have been using to hide there acorns in. I mistakenly
pulled them all out so I decided to replace the acorns
with corn and use it as a training aid.
Here are some pics of the first time Paisley
was in this woodlot. She went right to both feeding
spots and climbed up in one of them. I took video of
her climbing and I'll send it to you as well. What a blast
being in the woods with her is!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Galla Creek Red Freckles--

We got Freckles from Bruce Blihovde and
from Galla Creek she went to the Womack
family shown below. Richard Womack's son
wanted a squirrel dog. The Womack's have a
large family--they are one of those special
families that provide homes for children who
are in need. Mr. Womack called about a month
ago and said Freckles had treed a squirrel in the
yard...but then he called again saying he could not
get her to do a repeat performance. We reminded
him of her age and advised for the Womack's to keep
taking her to the woods. We were happy to get this
email from Richard this week. He promises to send
a new photo soon. The pictures below were taken when
they came a picked up Freckles. Here is his email--
Mr. Renfroe, Just wanted to give you an update on
Freckles. Since the last time I e-mailed......
no progress-no nothing. Today, however, in less
than two hours she treed five squirrels. One of which
timbered about five times and she stayed with it the
whole time. She looked like she really knew what
she was doing. She would bark on the tree about
two or three times and then start running and
hopping in big circles around the tree. I don't know
if she was just excited or what. I think that she is
really coming along nicely. The only thing I can't seem
to get her to do is come on to the truck when it is
time to leave. Any suggestions? I am not sure what
to do next any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
so much. I have not forgotten about a picture when
I take a camera no action when I don't she trees every
few minutes. Maybe I'll get one soon.

Richard Womack and boys

My advice would be put her on a lead at the
last tree. Keep taking her and I bet she gets
better and better! I know the Womack boys
love seeing Freckles tree!
Freckles is out of Galla Creek Shooter
and Sq. Champion Mt. View Lucy. Freckles
was born May 27, 2008. Bruce Blihovdeleft
her tail long because he said a white tail looked
good long. Lucy is a daughter of Sq. Champion
Mt.View Pepper who is a daughter of Old Rowdy.
Shooter is a half Beaty Feist and half McAndrews Feist.
We own Shooter and Bruce Blihovde owns Pepper and Lucy.
Old Rowdy passed away last year. He was 17 years old.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Old Rowdy Grand Pups

These pups are out of Spud and a Granddaughter
of Ole Rowdy. She is kin to Rowdy on both sides.
There are two little white with red spots
and the other one is red. I get one of the girls. If I
did not have the web site this fellow would have not
found me...everything has a purpose!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Galla Creek Dan Maples

This is Dan Maples...he is out of Bonnie Sue Parker
and Shooter. He was born last summer and is coming
along pretty well.