Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heath Thomas' Zoey!

Heath Thomas sent this photo of Zoey's first squirrel this year. She is zooming! Heath is naming his new male, Zeke. We called Zeke, Cain. Heath had a put out of Lia and Ole Dan (Zack). Zack was hit by a car. It is always hard for us to report the demise of one of our Feists, but this happens and we hope Heath's new pup Zeke will be a good mate for Zoey. Here is Heath's email about Zoey. Zoey is a full sister to Tie, but not from the same litter. Tie is 2 years older than Zoey!
Here is Zoey with her first squirrel. She is treeing up a storm. We named the puppy Zeke. He is really pretty. Zoey is ready now so you had better squirrels look out. Heath

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