Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cordoroy's New Toy

Mark Couger said his wife, Lisa, hurried to the store and bought Roy a toy. Roy and Lisa took to each other right away. I grew up with Grandpa Renfroe telling me not to mess with his hunting dogs....it'll ruin 'em...he'd always say. If we think about that we know that is not true. The best trained dogs in the world are with their handlers almost all the time. Think about a seeing eye dog, a drug dog of a policeman. It is the same with a hunting dog, the better he knows and understands his owner the better he will be. That is my 2 cents. Grandpa is rolling over in his grave.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Deputy and Simeon

Deputy is out of Dobs and Max. Simeon is from Lia and Max. They are half brothers. Simeon is
for sale--$350. Simeon is white with lemon. Siggie brought a dollar and 16 pennies up here and has paid for Deputy so I can't sell him.

Cordoroy Gone to TN

Mark Gouger came today and took Cordoroy to Marion County, Tenn. He brought some friends along to help drive. Mark is holding Cordoroy, J. Keef is on the left and Marty Brown is on the right. Marty is 6'8" tall, almost as tall as me! I am anxious to hear how Cordoroy does. Mark said he will keep his name but give him a call name because it is just too many syllables to yell in the woods...and I agree that is way I call Vern Gosdin, Spud!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feist Orphans Foster Dad

Jo Ellingson sent this story about their Feist who had a litter of pups and then passed away. Jo had to raise them by hand but her Min Pin helped take care of the litter--and he is a male dog. We thought the story was neat and wanted to share the tale.
I wanted to tell you and Betty about the accident that left me raising four pups on a bottle. my Min-Pin named Tater goes outside in the big pen a few hours every day. he played with my Mountain Fiest named Kelly. We thought he was too young to breed, but boy were we wrong. The weekend Larry was going to bring Kelly to breed at your kennel, she had gone out of heat. Larry just thought he had figured wrong and missed her. Lo and behold, she showed she was expecting a week before they arrived.She was always fat and didn't have much of a bag this time.

Anyway four puppies arrived and one looks just like his dad. One looks like Kelly and the runt was sickly. It developed a week behind the others in every way including opening her eyes. We call them Tater Babies. Kelly died when the pups were nine days old. I raised them on bottle. Ironicly we had Tater neutered a week or two evidently, after they bred. He has taken his pups and helped raise them, licking and loving them like their mom would. at first he didn,t want anyone but me around thme. I had brought Kelly and them into the house after they were born to keep them cool. Tater took over her bed and became an exceptional father.

Kelly was daughter of Maroney's Slick that we had gotten till his death. Kelly's mom was
Butch Clauses's Lady. Kelly was the grandmother of the pups you got from us.

Tater's babies are seven weeks old today. Mouse, the runt has been to the vet. twice, but
she is okay. I amkeeping her and giving the others away. I miss Kelly greatly. She loved
to go fishing with me.

Just wanted you to know about a good dog, a
mountain feist, and how the Min-Pin, Tater,
helped me get through a rough time.

Sad, but Thankful to be so blessed,

Jo Ellingson

Coonie and Red Fern

Coonie and Red Fern have been running loose about a week and they get along like best buddies. Whatever one does the other does, Coonie trees and Red does too. Coonie runs in the Galla Meadow and Red is right there with her. I got Coonie from Troy Vance and Red came from Larry Ellingson. Coonie is out of Corker and Judge Roy Bean. Red is out of an old Rowdy line female, Two Rivers Sandy and Max A Million. I am really enjoying both of these young females.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Redneck Wedding Rehearsal--FISH FRY!

Troy Vance has gained a daughter. He said the wedding rehearsal was fit for a red neck as they had a big fish fry! Congratulations to the new couple.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smarty and Blue Belle

Roger Littlejohn shared this picture of Pretty Boy Smarty. He is named after his parents--
Pretty Boy Floyd and McA Smarty. Mr. Smarty is no Dummy--Here is Roger's email--

Snapped this picture of Smarty this afternoon. He's about 10 weeks old in this picture. Smarty has one Blue eye and one Brown eye :-) He's one smart, spoiled pup and has the run of the hill.

Pretty Boy Smarty is out of GR SQ CH Wright's Pretty Boy Floyd X SQ CH McAndrew's Smarty. Thanks Dean & Barb

Roger got Smarty from Dean and Barb Wright in Ohio. We think the blue eye trait comes from Ole Max A Million! The black pup below Smarty is Matt Howell's Blue Belle. She is out of Max and Dobs and came from Troy Vance's Kennel in Hawkins, TX. Spud and Floyd are Max pups and both and thrown pups with one blue eye. Floyd throws more and a blue eye though--he puts the wide, wild hunt into his offspring too!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Roger & Sterling's Feists

Smarty belongs to Roger Littlejohn. He came from the Wrights in Ohio. He reminds me of my Galla Creek Feists. Well, his blood probably came from here if he came from the Wrights.
These pictures are of Sterling's Jeb and Greta. Greta is out of Opal and Shooter. I am not sure about Jeb, but he may be from Greytail's Kennel. Here's Sterling's message--
Gretta and Jeb hit it off pretty good. They play rough. Jeb will aggravate her and she will get after him. Fun to watch.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Honoring our Feist Fathers on Father's Day--
First--Vern Gosdin--Spud--The Voice!!
Shooter--great mouth and looks--half Beaty and half McA!! From the old Beaty Feist
of Peanut Beaty and a Dusty/Sally granddaughter!
Max a Million--steady producer of all around good handling and good treeing Feists!
Mr. Spud is my favorite--why because I raised him!!
Radio Flyer--not a copy--an original male from Dusty and Sally!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spud loves Swimming

I took Spud over to Galla Lake so he could go swimming. He had a good time, but when we started home he tricked me and took a detour up on Crow Mt and stayed treed for about an
hour. Next time I take him, I will hook him to the Mule before we head home. He is a wonderful Feist dog!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuart and Paisley's New Home

When you live in a subdivision you have to consider your neighbors as well as your dogs. Kevin Fulgham has built a new kennel home for Paisley and Stuart, his two Feists from Galla Creek. I like the way he has a blind between the dogs and the more populated side of his neighborhood. This keeps them from running the fence and barking when kids are out playings--

Have one question or Kevin though--Where'd that big red dog come from?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rocket--from New York!

It was wonderful to hear from Rocket this week. He lives in New York but does not sing on Broadway--just sings at the squirrels in the trees. Rocket is out of Jim E Sue and Spud and
was born in April of 2007. Here is the email--
Hey Larry,
I thought that you might like to see some pictures of Rocket in action. He loves to climb when treeing and often makes me nervous doing so. Just to let you know, he has been a great dog and the family certainly enjoys him. He loves the kids and likes laying around on the couch with everyone. Thank you so much again for the privilege to own one of your dogs. It was worth every mile driven and every penny spent. He is a blessing.
Tom Leubner
Marcellus, New York
These pictures are right in our back yard. One of these pictures Rocket is 12 feet up in the tree!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Galla Creek Rowda

Got new pictures of Rowda from the Bowen family. We really wanted to keep
Rowda because of her link to Ole Rowdy...but she was a little to shy to have
around 20 dogs. We knew she would be happier in a home where she was
queen of the yard. The Bowens seem perfect for her. We often listen to the
caller on the phone and if we think we can match a dog to an owner we go
forward. If we don't think it sounds like a fit we don't. We judged this family
correctly. Rowda loves her home.

Ms. Betty and Larry, Here are some pictures of Galla Creek Rowda-we call her Sugar.Sugar is 3 months old now and doing great! Joshua and Olivia are absolutely in love with her.Josh is always taking her all over the yard looking for squirrels and we've already seen her chasing some around the yard.She is free to roam where she wants and seems to be so happy.We live on Lake Catherine in Hot Springs and she really enjoys being down by the lake and watching the kids swim-she likes the water too.We already got her one squirrel tail and hopefully we'll get another soon so we can start working with her more and more.We are hoping she'll be a really good tree dog some day! We'll send more picstures as she grows.Take care,Rodney,Gabriela, Joshua and Olivia Bowen

Bass Reeves

This is Bass Reeves out of Bonnie Sue Parker and Shooter. Paul
Parker of GA sent these pictures taken in the last few days and
an update on ole Bass. It is good to see him again. Here's what
the email said--
Betty and Larry,
Sorry for taking so long to get these pics to you but every time I had a
camera either no squirrels in yard or when they were the battery was dead.
Anyway Kathy got these
Sunday afternoon. Bass is really an aggressive dog
who loves to chase and
tree squirrels. Often times he will have their tails
in his mouth as they hit the tree. He spends most of the day treeing birds
and chasing them away from the feeders. I hope he don't lose interest
before fall season gets here. The only problem he has is that he
will chase
anything including vehicles. This may be contributed to riding him in the
golf cart at an early age. He loves to ride and look for squirrels in the
road and woods. We have to put him in his pen before we can leave the house
for anything or he will follow us to the road. I'm working on teaching him
to stay but haven't mastered that significant event (yet). Hope everything
is well with you all in Arkansas, it is getting really hot/humid here. Take
care and I hope to have eliminate car chasing at next emailing.

Paul A. Parker

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nice Catch

Matt Howell shared this photo of his catch.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Cordoroy's back is the buttermilk color of Floyd and his mother Opal.
We think he will be that color pretty much all over when he is grown.
Both Floyd and Opal were white as pups. Cord is darker than they were.
He is still available.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Matt Howell and Hoyt's Catch

Matt and his girl friend's dad, Hoyt, caught this big mess of bream.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vance's Pup for Sale

This is the pup the Vances have for sale out of Dobs and Max.
His name is Dagwood...he looks like Max.