Sunday, April 12, 2015


 Around the first of June Sadie and Spud will have a litter of pups.  This will be our first pups in over two years.  We have several deposits and will go by the dates on the post marks.  She should have about 5 or 6 pups and we are keeping a male.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

For The Love Of A Feist

 We got a nice call from Sophia in North Carolina asking about Feist dogs.  This is her Rexy who is getting older.  She would like a black and white Feist.  If you are near North Carolina, please contact Sophia if you have any Feist pups.  You can contact her here--  xxxxxsophiam929@gmail.comxxxxxxxxxx
Address inside the x's.  Trying to keep spammers from bothering Sophia!
Here is Sophia's email message--
Hi, my name is Sophia McCutchen, and I live in North Carolina. I've had my dog since 2002, and he is getting old. I would like another one. Here are pictures attached. Thanks again for talking to me. MY dog's name is Rexy

 Rex sure looks like a special family friend.
 He has lost his sight in one eye.
 Always wags his tail when Sophia is near.
 Sweet old Rexy
 Sophia lets him sleep on this pillow.  His bones are old and tired.

 This is our Spud.  I can see a resemblance.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Squirrels In The Yard

 These pictures are from my niece's yard near Seattle, WA.  I sure think she needs a good Feist dog!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Remembering Nogo Nell--A Bonny Lass

Pete Powers called from Texas and told us Nogo Nell had passed away.  She was 12 years old.  She had spit and vinegar!  No stop to her.  What a Feist.  What a squirrel dog.  Nell's sire was Langford's Rowdy.  I am proud she came from Galla Creek.  Rest in peace, 'Ol Nell.
Nothing more fitting to remember Nell than the poem about Nell written in the 1700's by Robert Burns!  Read and remember Nogo Nell--a handsome Feist, a bonny lass, indeed.

Handsome Nell

O Once I lov'd a bonnie lass, 
An' aye I love her still,
An' whilst that virtue warms my breast, 
I'll love my handsome Nell. 

As bonnie lasses I hae seen, 
And mony full as braw; 
But for a modest gracefu' mein, 
The like I never saw. 

A bonny lass I will confess, 
Is pleasant to the e'e, 
But without some better qualities
She's no a lass for me. 

But Nelly's looks are blythe and sweet, 
And what is best of a', 
Her reputation is compleat, 
And fair without a flaw; 

She dresses ay sae clean and neat, 
Both decent and genteel; 
And then there's something in her gait 
Gars ony dress look weel. 

A gaudy dress and gentle air
May slightly touch the heart, 
But it's innocence and modesty 
That polishes the dart.

'Tis this in Nelly pleases me, 
'Tis this enchants my soul; 
For absolutely in my breast 
She reigns without controul.