Monday, August 21, 2017

Lady to the Max

David Shinn is always so kind to share a photo of Lady on her birthday.  She is a pup out of our Pris Wilkerson.  Her Grandmother is our angel, Belle Starr.  Her father ole Max.  Little Lady is 14 and still going strong running the squirrels up the tall trees and singing her treeing song.

Thanks, David Shinn, for sharing with us!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spud Saving On Dog Food Bill

 Been letting Spud run loose.  Yesterday, he caught a squirrel and this morning he had this coon treed.  He is trying to keep me from having to buy as much dog food!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

RIP Galla Creek Oliver

Galla Creek Oliver--Tie
September 6, 2008--February 15, 2017
 Born, raised, and buried on Galla Creek!

Here is an old video of Tie treeing made by my friend, Matt Howell.  I can hear Matt saying, "good, boy, good boy!"  That was Tie a good boy.  He was easy on the eyes and easy to love.  I am proud to say he never went a day without his supper.  He was part of our family and we will remember him forever.  Last July, he had a cancer removed and Doc Davis told me when it returned he would go quickly and he did.  He ate his food this morning and was gone by afternoon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Staying Busy

 Spud is staying busy in his retirement.  Yesterday when I looked out the back door.  I saw this field rat he had left for me.  He goes swimming in the pond and Galla Lake several times a day and stays on the move almost all day and much of the night.  I hear him treed everyday back at a big wild Cherry tree at the edge of Galla Meadow.  July 22, he will be 11 and I say..."Spud, do whatever you want to".  He has earned his days to roam free.

Saturday, July 09, 2016


 Spud will be 11 years old July 22.  I turned him out of the pen.  He is a free man.  He can do what he wishes.  Everyday he goes swimming and trees squirrels near Galla Meadow.
 Spud is a great Mountain Feist--no better Feist ever born--in my opinion.
 His eyes, nose and ears still work like a young dog's.
 He still will get out front of the four wheeler and zoom down the path.