Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Clue Mountain Feist Pups For Sale

 Above and below are photos of our pup, Clue, who is out of Dobs and Spud.  The Patrick Porter family of Gary, TX own our Clue who is now all grown up.  They have litter of pups for sale.  Clue is the sire and the dame is from another kennel.  
Porters email address if you want to contact them--
or phone 936 652 0039
Pictures of the pups are below and a photo of adult Clue.  
Here is what the Porters have to say about the pups.
Just wanted to drop a line to the Renfroe family to say that Clue has been the best friend a little boy could ask for. My son Eli has really taken to Clue - they are "best friends". Clue has treed quite a few of his own squirrels this year and has most recently has become a new dad!
Clues' other hunting partner, Rosie, had a litter of 9 a few weeks back.
Rosie is an awesome sight in the woods!
I have attached pictures of the whole hunting family, Eli was helping clean up the puppies kennel in this picture...
Liza my daughter was helping mommy give the pups a bath. They always make her excited!
Eli wants to keep all the pups, but if you know anyone interested, I just don't think I have room to keep ALL of them!
Best wishes!
Patrick, Misty, Eli & Liza
Email address for the 
or phone 936 652 0039

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buster and Roxy Pups

 Zack sent photos of his Buster/Roxy pups--well, two of them.  Top is Eli and Zack said he is treeing on the flower pot!  Below are two proud owners of another pup from the litter.  The little lad kept up when the litter was due and then when he could get his pup.  He called to check on the pup and was really happy to get to take his pal home!