Saturday, July 19, 2014

Roxy Buster Pups

Roxy and Buster had four pups.  They are so sweet.  Zack Kraft owns both and he might have one or two for sale.  He is in northern Louisiana.  Buster is Cora's littemate.  Roxy is out of Spud and Ellingson's Belle Starr.  Two of the pups are spoken for but he might have one or perhaps two for sale.  You can search for Buster and Roxy on this Blog to see them. Both Roxy and Buster are great little Feists and squirrel dogs.  Price--$350.00 can call Zack at
318 680 2828

Monday, June 16, 2014

Squirrel Feeder For Sale

I have this squirrel feeder for sale.  It is hand made from Arkansas cedar.  Price is $25.00.  I will not ship but will meet you with one at exit 84 of Interstate 40, Russellville, AR
You can call me at 479 890 8090!

Whole corn is the best food to put in the feeder to attract squirrels.  They love corn!

Treed Two Days

 Cora treed a squirrel up this big tree for 2 days.  Only leaving to quickly get a drink and return to her spot under the tree.  I finally shot the squirrel!  She is not going to let any squirrel population come to this Meadow, I am afraid.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Need A Psychologist

Betty let her chickens out and this one is confused. She thinks she is a dog.  Next thing she will be treeing squirrels!  Should I get a Dr. or let her go hunting?