Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dubach & LouisiAnn

Du and LouisiAnn are my two pups out
of Shammy and Spud that I got from Jr.
and Vickie Green. Shammy is out of Auesome
Aussie and I am so glad to get some of that
blood back in my kennel. Coonie is a grand
daughter of Aussie, too.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paisley Following the Squirrel!

Kevin Fulgham sent a little movie
of Paisley (out of Bonnie Sue Parker and
Shooter) on the trail of a squirrel
in the park where they go for adventure.
Kevin says he is afraid they may ban him,
but I doubt it. They probably are glad for
the squirrels to get more exercise.
Here is Kevin's email and the video.
Galla Creek Blog Spot would not be much fun
without all you fellow Feist lovers sending
us the pictures and videos of your Feists.
Thanks to all of you!
Here is a little video I took today after
lunch. You'll see Paisley run a squirrel from
one tree to another and then she is watching it
timber to another tree. She lost it once. It got
to the other tree but I was proud of her since
she is only 4 months old. She got after a number
of them today at the park (I'm about to get into trouble)
but she still has not quiet figured it all out yet.
Oh yeah, the tree the squirrel came from had two in
it and she got after both, I'll send the other video
when I figure out how. lol Thanks so mcuh for allowing
me to own this little dog even with a jacked up ear. lol
We love that ole jacked up ear. lol Hope y'all had a good
thanksgiving today.


Friday, November 28, 2008

At Head and Heart

Troy Vance is surrounded! Zipper
at his head and Dobs finding a place
in his heart.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

From our Table to Yours!

For the first time in our married life--
38 Thanksgivings--there were only two at
our table! Our kids are all else where!
Our parents are all passed on! But we
have lots and lots of Feist friends who
we're are very thankful for--Dean, Troy,
Adam, Jonathan, Matt, Jr., Barb, Vickie,
Sherry, Keith, Kevin, Craig, Robert,
Julian, Judy, Tim, Steve, Pat, Tommy, Len,
Liz, Pete, Joe, John,Ann, Larry, Ricky,
Ernie, Gary, George, Charles, Jack,
Jim, Wayne, Carl, Mike, Tom, Eddie,
Randy, Paul, Greg, Lee, Walter, Ray
and probably more that I can't think of
because Iam just too old--Thanks for
being our "Friends in Feists"!

Baby Face Nelson

Was glad to get new pictures of
Baby Face Nelson from Adam Patterson
of MS. Here is part of his email.
Sounds like Nelson is doing good and
going to have a happy Thanksgiving...
Mr. Larry,

Here are some pictures of Nelson. He
treed nine squirrels and 1 coon on this
hunting trip i made yesterday. He can
really tree. I've found lots of squirrels
so far this year. The leaves are still coming
off, and hopefully i'll be able to send some
more pictures over the holidays. We're out of
school this week so I've been able to hunt Nelson
everyday, and he is really liking it. Hopefully
the pictures work right. Happy Thanksgiving.

Adam Patterson

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coonie Treeing Today!

This afternoon Coonie treed over in the rockie woods near my house. I went over with the camera and filmed her first real 'Tree'! She is 6 months old! She is going to be a great one! Troy Vance bred this great little dog. Notice the hollow tree she is treed on. I started hammering on it after I shut off the camera and the gray squirrel jumped out of the top and took off....Coonie took off too and the chase was on. I did not try to shoot this squirrel and I would give this advice to guys trying to get a young dog going. You need someone to hold the dog or have them tied before you shoot. That way the situation is under control. Watch Little Coonie treeing her first squirrel!

And Timbering

Coonie treed in a big hollow tree. I made the first video but finally shut off the camera and began to pound on the tree. Low and behold a gray squirrel jumped out of the top of the tree. I quickly started my camera on Coonie again. What a little squirrel dog she is going to be. Coonie is only 6 months old. Thanks Troy Vance for breeding this fine little dog. She is out of Corker and Judge Roy Bean!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nogo Nell-2005

This was taken in 2005--Nogo Nell--
Tim Taylor's Feist! Old Rowdy daughter.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shammy - Spud Pups

Vickie Green sent new pictures of the male
pups from Shammy and Spud they have for sale.
They live near Ruston, LA. The males are $300

Sunday, November 23, 2008


this is Milo. Ray Thomas of Iowa owns him.
he came from Steve McAndrews. He sent this
email along with the pictures. I had forgotten
about telling him to call Steve to see if he
had a Feist for sale...but it is always nice to
hear about a story with a happy ending and
I guess I wrote the first chapter when Ray called
me and I told him about someone closer to him than
I was. That is what I try my best to do. Help
foster getting guys who want a Feist dog hooked up
with someone who is near enough to him to make
a connection possible.
Here is part of Ray's email to me this week!

Larry. I talked to you this summer about a pup,
and during the conversation you suggested I get a
hold of Steve Mc Andrews, beings I lived in in
central iowa. I talked to you after talking to Steve,
and told you he had hooked me up with a 5 year old
male called Milo. (who is a champion squirrel dog.)
What a dog!!!!! Boy does he love to hunt! He is
quiet in the kennel, some what shy, love's to be loved.
But let a cat go by, drag a squirrel tail for the pups,
and let him see it, and he goes wild. When we get to the
timber he's all business. Trees hard, and fast, and to
my surprise, retrieves'! The only thing I have against him
is I getting to old for him. I can't keep up. He hunts
in close, then if he don't come up with anything will cast
farther out. ( He will come back to check on you if he
doesn't tree.) If he trees over the hill, I get there,
and then send him on. He is in no time treeing again,
and it might be across the creek over on the next
hillside. After 5 or 6 runs I'm worn out.
Thanks again! Ray

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feists at Cove, AR

A lot of folks get one Feist dog and
immediately starting wishing for a
second one. Jonathan Pollard of Cove,
AR started with his Feist pup, Galla
Creek Constitution (Connie). He decided he
would like to have a pair. He is hunting
Jed for us and then he got Lily Langtree
from Troy Vance in Texas.

So now he has 2 Feist females and is working
with Jed. All these dogs are young, but they have a
lot of promise. Connie is out of Spud and Lia.
Lily is from Radio Flyer and Zipporah. Jed's parents
are Spook and Max. If they do make squirrel dogs,
Jed will cross well with either female.

Jonathan shared these pictures of the Feists!
Thanks for sharing with us!
This is Jed.

Lily Langtree


Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls Can Too!

Vickie Green of Dubach, LA sent a
picture of her deer. Jr. says none
of the meat is wasted. Way to go,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shaw Do All

Shaw Do All is named for a small old
time tractor. She is out of Dot and
Roscoe. Roscoe is a brother to Dobs
and Dot came from Steve McAndrews. Matt
Howell owns both dogs. We are willing
to sell Shaw. She is a special little
Feist and our Grand girls have spoiled
her a little.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tia, Floyd, and Sugar

More than just kin folk--treeing
cousins, too! Tia's sire is Floyd's
grandsire. Sugar's sire is a brother
to this dog. Tia is Sugar's mother.
Tia is Floyd's Aunt! Then Floyd's
mother is a sister to Tia's and Sugar's
sire! Too complicated to understand--
but definitly kin folk for sure. All
these dogs belong to Dean and Barb Wright.
Dean and Barb, thanks for the new pictures
of our favorite breed of dog--F E I S T!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caramel Bell

We were very pleased to hear from John
Turbre and to get pictures of Caramel.
She is a littermate to Woo and out of
Dean Wright's Daisy and McAndrews Raider.
She is a perfect picture of a dog we
owned named Quinnie. Quinnie was a full
sister to Spook and was a great sq. dog.
We sold her to a Mr. Ashby of Kentucky
and the last we heard he still owned
Quinnie. Wish I had never sold her!
And I hope Caramel Bell turns out to
be a great dog like Quinnie!
Hey Larry and Betty

Just wanted to send ya'll some pictures of
Caramel Bell. She is off of McAndrew's Raider
and Tobin's Daisy. She is very smart with a
calm disposition. She will bark on command,sit,
lay down,fetch and load in my truck and on
4-wheeler. In the woods she has her nose on
the ground and looking up in trees,although
has not treed on her own yet. I shot this
squirrel with a 22 in the back-in and when
it hit the ground, Bell chased it up a tree.
She circled the tree looking up and when it
fell out she was all over it. We are really
enjoying her. She weighs 14-lbs.

Thanks again....John and Ann Tubre W/Monroe, La

Monday, November 17, 2008

Snickers Big Anventure

Craig sent a new picture of Snickers.
He said she ran this squirrel up a tree,
but now she needs to add the bark.

I think if a dog is not barking and they
can see the squirrel in the tree it really
helps to tie them back...Snickers is still
really young and I bet the barking will come.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Troy Vance's 3 Girls!

Email from Troy Vance--Nov. 15, 2008--

Troy sent along this picture of Ziporrah and
Corker--his two girls that came from Galla
Creek. He has a new one to add to the crew
as just last week he got his 3rd girl from
here---Galla Creek Dobs--Now there will be
a Vance Triple Threat in the Texas woods!

Corker and Zip "hemming-in" the Mr. Squirrel
Nov. 14, 2008. I'd say he is surrounded!

Dobs in early Nov.--making her last tree
on Galla Creek--she will be missed here!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feist Lounge

Tia, Daisy and Sugar taking it easy
at the Wright house! Tia is
Daisy's Aunt. Sugar is Tia's daughter.
Sugar's father is a brother to Tia's
father. The three dogs are kin...again
and again and again!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Deer--Oh, Dear!

Lannie Howell killed this 8 point--
I think around Heber Springs.

Craig Adams killed this buck in

Matt Howell and his buck!

I will be glad when the deer season is
past and the woods clear out of campers,
children, and calamity! But I do enjoy
eathing the deer meat.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Steady Eddie

Eddie is out of Spook and Max. He is
a full brother to Floyd, Dean's Feist,
just several litters in between.

Dean sent word that he was treeing a
while back, but yesterday he treed and
Dean shot the squirrel out to him.

Thanks to Dean and Barb for sharing
pictures with us to post. We hope
our Ned (Eddie's brother) will be
showing out like Eddie soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was a big winner at
the first AFBA hunt! Dean and Barb
Wright own Floyd. He is out of Spook
and Max and is a full brother to Spud.

Floyd with his two plaques!

Floyd won over all high scoring Squirrel
Dog and was winner of the Champion class.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oliver Learning about Scent!

Oliver is Nate Ames pup and Nate
and his father, Len, are enjoying
this father-son time trying to
get Ollie introduced to squirrel
smell. He seems to be catching on
pretty well. Ollie is out of Shooter
and Dobs. He is about 9 weeks old.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dobs Treeing Nov. 9, 2008

Dobs Last Round

Up, Up

Up, Up, Up

Higher, Up, Up

Finally, I got to where Dobs was treed.

Got her on a lead and...still had to
go back down, down, down!

I am meeting Troy Vance on Wednesday and
Dobs will be in her new home. Today, I
accidentily let her out of the kennel and
an hour later she was still treed about a
mile straight up the hill behind me. I
made my way up there and brought her back
down. Troy, you are getting a good one!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Game Camera Pictures

Between yesterday and this afternoon, I
had 52 pictures on the game camera. The
deer came in broad daylight several times
to eat corn. One picture is a blur and I
wonder if it is not a coon. What do you
What is this?

9 AM this morning--

Ned tries the salt-

Nov. 7 5:00 PM

Trying regular cow salt block--even Ned
likes the salt block.

Nov. 7, 2 AM