Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Larry on the left! Betty on the right!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Young Hunter ~ Big Buck!!

D. J. McLeland bagged this big buck! Wow, what a trohpy! Congratulations, D.J.

Galla Creek Cain

Tara Thomas drove the long drive today to pick up Cain for her husband, Heath. She said they may leave his name Cain or change it to Zeus. Their other Feist is Zoey, out of Dobs and Shooter. Cain is out of Patch and Tie, both out of Shooter. Patch's mother is Bonnie Sue Parker and Tie's is Dobs. Zoey and Cain should make a great pair and Tara said they look like twins.

The Thomas' Feist Zack was hit by a car! We are so sorry for their loss and hope Cain can help fill that void!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Memory of Galla Creek McCormick--Rudy

When someone loses a Galla Creek Feist our hearts break, but the pain is never as sharp as for the one who owned our dog! Dustin Pilcher called and emailed that Rudy was killed by a pack of stray dogs. Dustin was sure he was protecting his territory! Rudy was a full brother to our Tie.

Every sad story has a twist. Dustin's farm Shepard trees and always catches squirrels. The Shepard eats the entire carcass. Izzy knew how sad Dustin was so yesterday when he came home Izzy had caught a squirrel and left it on his front step for him. I just can't believe that dogs don't feel our pain and sadness! They are truly our best friends! I searched for pictures of Rudy so I could memorialize him and found several. I should have more. In the pup photo Rudy is the caramel colored pup. He is a full littermate to Allis Chalmers, Tie (Oliver), Moline (deceased), and Case. His parents are Galla Creek Shooter and Galla Creek Dobs. Mill Creek Kennel in Texas owns Dobs, but Troy is letting me own her again. And today I called the Pharmacist who owns Shooter. I retained breeding rights. Shooter is well and there will be another breeding of the two dogs if everything works out...Dustin will get a male! The male will not replace Rudy but he will make his own paw print on the Pilcher's heart!

Here is Dustin's email:
Mr. Larry this is Dustin Pilcher from De Berry Tx. I have bad news about McCormick. He was killed by a pack of stray dogs yesterday. We live on 25 acres and let him run loose most of the time. I think he was just trying to protect his territory. He was a great dog and very fun to hunt with I could not have asked for a better dog. I took these pics the other day to send to you. McCormick is the one in the middle, his sonTex is to the left which I am working with right now and the big dog is Izzy, she trees too. I will be getting with you soon because I would love to get another puppy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Galla Creek Spook

I have two young Feists to offer to new homes this season. Spook is the black dog. I snapped these pictures of her in the pen as someone said--"I can see Nell on the side bar but what does that Spook look like ...well, here she is! Price $400.00. She has had all her shots, etc. and is 5 months old. The white dog with red trim is my Viper female and she is not for sale at this time. I plan to hunt her this season and have not decided if I will let her go to a home or keep her here on Galla Creek.

Thanks for checking my Blog. It is really a lot of work to post a photo everyday....and I have been doing it 5 years so there are 1000s of pictures here if you care to look back at all of them! It is great when you send me a picture to share. The Feists don't have to be from MY Kennel. I love them all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pups Spoken For!

Siggie came this afternoon and "turned the dogs out!" They all are spoken for. Diadem is going to North Carolina! Lulu to Texas. Abel will be here in Arkansas and Cain is heading for Louisiana this weekend! The bridle pup that we got from Lee Moore is staying here. We named her Sassafras and she sure is Sassy. Thanks for all the interest in our Feists. We have Nell and Spook still available. They were born May 15, have had all their shots, and will be big enough to take to the woods this year. Nell and Spook are $400.00 each. Can call me at 479 890 8090

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pistol Pete

Larry Ellingson sent photos of Pete, his pup from Tie and his dog, Sandy. Pete is a full brother to Viper. He looks a lot like J. I. Case, Tie's brother.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lee Moore's Pups--Boaz and Female

This is Dobs (above) and Opal below. Dobs is Tie's mother and Opal is Sadie Belle's mother!

Lee Moore shared photos of his two pups. Boaz (Tie/Patch) is the whiter pup. His other pup is out of Sadie and Tie. I am not sure what he calls her, but she looks like her Grandmother Opal. Sadie is out of Opal and Spud. Tie's mother is Dobs. Opal, Dobs, and Spud all have the same mother, Spook! They each have different sire's. Opal's sire is Radio Flyer. Dob's sire is G. W. Carver. Spud's sire is Old Max. Tie's sire is Shooter. Lee, that female pup should make an awesome squirrel dog!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Galla Creek Diadem

Diadem is the the sole remaining pup from Tie/Patch litter. Cain is going to the Heath Thomas family in La. Di was born Aug. 15. I think she will be a smaller Feist! Price--$350.00--she is ready now! Call me at 479 890 8090 to inquire about Diadem!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Galla Creek Abel!

This is Abel out of Tie/Patch. He is going to Conway County, AR to Alex Campbell. Alex's hunting buddy took a photo of Alex with Abel and his brother...but Alex's head is missing. Anyway, we are excited that Abel is going to a hunting home. I let Abel, Sherry Vance's pup, Lou, and my brindle pup out to play. They really had a time. Sherry we got the check for Lou and thank you so much for getting another Galla Feist. I will post a new picture of Lou and Sass tomorrow. I am going to name my pup Sassafras I think and call her Sassy because she and Lou are both so sassy you can hardly get a photo of either of them!

We only have Cain and Diadem left from the Tie/Patch litter. Both are great lookers and friendly Feists. Di is small and Cain will probably end up being a larger Feist like his sire, Tie! My pups are $350. Anyone wanting a nice pup give me a holler at 479 890 8090!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Zeke/Siggie Pups

Regina Phillips sent photos of their crew of pups from Zeke and Siggie. I recall they were named for the Texas Rangers' baseball players. One I know is Cruz! The Rangers are in the world series and I know the Phillips family is beaming. We are really more Cardinal fans...but also fans of these Galla Creek Feists even if they do carry those Texas tags. Thanks, Regina for the pictures. We forgot how to sign on to that site but were able to get these 3 pups photos and love how they look.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Luck!

Saw this on facebook. Thought it was amusing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Galla Creek Siggie

The Phillips family named their Feist in honor of our own Grand daughter Sigrid. Their Siggie is treeing and hustling after the squirrels. Thanks, Regina for the pictures. the Phillips' Siggie is a full sister to our Viper. You can see how alert she is from the pictures. Her eye is on her prize.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Galla Creek Buster

Well, dah, I cropped Zack Kraft's photo of Buster and rotated it...but look it is still sideways. He took this photo with his phone. Don't know what to do to get Buster up right! Techie help me.
Zack loves Buster and that is what we love to hear. Buster is out of Bonnie and Tie and a brother to our Cora Vette! Cora is a jewel and sounds like Buster is too. Here is Zach's email that made us smile!
What a good looking dog! He got some great practice timbering some in the yard yesterday. You can tell by his stance he had heard something. He treed and timbered this squirrel thru 8 or 10 trees in the yard. Very proud of him, thank you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Galla Creek Pup to Texas

Millcreek Kennel has purchased our pup from Sadie and Tie. Sherry says she thinks she will call her Lou. She is going to the palace for squirrel dogs. Sherry loves them all and Troy does too!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Galla Creek Cain

Me and My Shadow!
Galla Creek Cain
This male from Tie/Patch is still available. He was born Aug. 15, has had his first shot. Ready to go to a squirrel hunting home--price: $350.00