Wednesday, November 30, 2011

David Marshall's Dan

Dan is out of Lia and Ole Dan. He was born in May and David Marshall owns him. He got a squirrel here! Thanks David for sharing and telling us about Dan. Glad he is still progressing.
Here is David's email:
Larry and Betty, it's been awhile since I emailed y'all. Dan is doing fine and I took him out squirrel hunting the other afternoon. It had been since Sept. since he had been in the woods so he was just running and playing more than anything else. He is still just a pup so really I don't expect a lot. He also does not want to get out of sight of me. It makes it hard to still hunt with a pup running back and forth. It was windy too so it was tough to find any squirrels. Not long before dark the wind died down and he was getting tired. I had heard a squirrel barking so I kept easing in that direction. Dan was a few yards in front of me and I saw him start looking up in the tree he was under. Sure enough I saw a grey squirrel running to the top of the tree. I shot him out and Dan pounced on him, but the squirrel was dead on arrival. Dan shook it and threw it in the air a few times growling. I got the squirrel from him and hung it in a tree. He barked then of course really strong. I gave him lots of praise and cut the squirrel open so he could have the insides. We got one other fox squirrel before we made it back to the truck. It was about the same as the first on how he reacted. It was a real big male fox squirrel I shoot a .22 and shot it in the hind leg on purpose but the angle must have hit some vitals too. It to was about expired when it hit the ground. He is starting to clamp down on them instead of nipping and backing off. The photos are just of him and the grey. sorry they are not very good photos.

Take care,
Tony Marshall

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