Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tommy Collins and Flint

This is Tommy Collins and Flint. Tommy now owns Ted.
Flint is out of Lia and Spud. Ted is out of Spook and Max.
Flint is treeing.  We hope Ted will be treeing soon and Tommy
will send us pictures.  Tommy lives in Willis, TX.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Matt Parker and Dan

Matt Parker came Sunday afternoon to get his birthday 
present--Dan.   Dan is out of Scoggins Pris and Galla Creek
Dan.  Matt hopes to have him treeing squirrels next season.
Dan is really a neat Feist.  He is outgoing, friendly and interested
in nature.  Matt's mom sent this email about Dan's first night
at their home.  We hope to continue to hear about Dan and next
season have some pictures of him treeing those gray squirrels!
The Parker email is below this photo!

Hello Larry,


I just wanted to give you an update on Dan – he is doing great!!!  

We love him to death already!!!


Matt had home work yesterday when we got home but he could 

not concentrate because he wanted to play with Dan


He did get a squirrel tell out and drag it some on the ground 

and then up a tree and Dan actually chased the tail and then 

got up on the tree and barked – Matt was very excited.


I am sorry that we could not let you give us our money 

back but we fell in love with him on sight also.


I actually brought him to work with me today and he is 

asleep on my desk right now!!!  He also slept in his kennel 

beside our bed and he slept all night without crying!!


We will continue to keep you updated on his progress and 

when he is ready if you still want to we will get together so 

that you can breed him with one of yours.


Thanks again for finding him for us!!!  We could not have 

picked a better dog!!!!


Teresa Parker

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mt. Dew or Pepsi????

Why name the Feist litters after a theme?  So my old
feeble mind can recall which batch they belong to.
Sherry Vance named this litter of pups last year after
soft drinks. We recently heard from two of the young
pups--Mt. Dew and Pepsi!  They are out of Troy Vance's
Zipper (half sister to Spook) and Spud.
The top two pictures are Pepsi and the bottom 3 are Dew.
Dew's owner sent along this email about how much they loved is what she said--
Hi Mr. Renfroe,
I just thought I would send you some pictures of my Feist puppy
 I bought from you. We kept the name Mountain Dew and just call 
him Dew. He is doing great and a natural squirrel dog. My son 
likes Soccer and as you can see So does Dew. He is already 
house broken and just the mention of squirrel gets him running.
My husband is very proud of him. We took Dew to Hawkins to see 
Troy about a week ago. My husband also hog hunts and he took 
Dew and our female feist to the State Park to squirrel hunt and he 
heard Dew running through the woods and bunch of snorting and 
when he turned around Dew had bayed up hogs and had them
running right at him. He bragged to his hog hunting buddies for 
weeks about that.
I guess we have an all around, Squirrel, Hog , and Soccer Dog!!
Oh and also my lap dog.
Great blood line you have!!!


Joyce Westbrook

Frankston, Texas 


Scoggins Pups to new homes!

Phillip Scoggins' Pris female had a litter of pups with
Galla Creek Dan as the sire.  Dan is out of Nogo Nell
and Romeo. Nell is out of old Rowdy and Romeo is 
out of Max and Belle Starr. Belle is old Rowdy's Grand
daughter.  Scoggins' Pris is a Granddaughter of Rowdy, too.
We like to think of them as Rowdy pups!  Here are some
pictures of the litter. 
My Granddaugther, Siggie, and Rowda.
Robert Burris, his neighbor, and Duke.
Boy Blue will go to Matt Parker tomorrow. They are coming after
church to pick him up....I am going to offer them their money back
for him as I love this blue Feist!
Granddaughter Astrid and Jesse James--JJ!
Randall Hobbs and Big Boy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arkansas has Catfish, too!

Tom Bush shared an Arkansas Cat to give evidence that
Texas and Louisiana aren't the only states with big fish!
Here is Tom's email and two photos of Peewee and the Cat!

Went to Lake Quacita in Ark. April 13-19th.  Dogwoods were
in full bloom, spring is in the air, really a 
beautiful sight up there in
 the mountains.  Tip & Beth went, their son Dondi and his new adopted
son Bennie came down Thurs.  We really had a blast.  Weather was
good too.  I think the water temp. needed to come up a little because
the fish wern't biting all that good, except for the occassional good fish
 we caught.  Here is a tailgate pic. of Bush's PeeWee as he guards our
morning catch.   Going at 78lbs, this high fin 
blue catfish really got us in
good spirits.  We fished with several other campers from Arkansas, and
we all had a really 
big fish fry.  Yum Yum.  Sister Beth made here spectacular 
tarter sauce, and we all pitched in.  ....PeeWee had to have a little help landing
this one.  He usually holds the net for us.  lol  As you can see, he is constantly
 looking up in the trees trying to spot Mr. Squirrel, his hated enemy! 
Tom Bush

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amen Corner--Stand & Testify

When I received this email from Mo Eckle, I felt as good
as I do on Sunday when folks stand and testify!  Thanks,
Mo, for these encouraging words.  Also, posting some new
photos of part of the new Lia/Max litter.
Here are the 3 Lia/Spud males from her litter last summer.  
The first male is Flint--Tommy Collins owns him and he is treeing.
The middle male is Gunner--Wayne Hawkins owns Gunner and he is
The last male is Rocket--Mo Eckle III owns him and we had not heard
from him until yesterday--here is what he says about Rocket!!!
Hello Mr. Larry and Mrs. Betty,

I just wanted to give ya'll an update on Rocket. He has been with a friend 
of mine's Dad for a couple of months now and has made quite an impression. 
At first he didn't want to get too far away from Mr. George and go hunting, 
probably from so much "lap" time at our house.

But his son, Pete, called me the other day laughing to tell me that his Dad 
called him from the woods the other day and he couldn't hardly hear him 
because Rocket was barking treed so loud. Mr. George said that Rocket 
was one of the smartest dogs he has ever worked with.

Mr. George and his family rode to town on horseback about a mile away. 
Mr. George didn't realize that Rocket had followed them the whole way. 
He was afraid that he would get hit so he told his grandson to get him. 
His grandson got off his horse and put Rocket on the back of the horse 
and he just stood there by himself until his grandson got back up on the 
horse. Then rocket rode the rest of the time in Mr. George's grandson's lap.

He is also apparently quite the field rat dog, Mr. George said that the field 
rat's around the barn don't stand a chance if Rocket is around. Mr. George 
was standing around with one of his coon huntingbuddies talking about what 
a great little dog Rocket was and Mr. George's buddy said that he has never 
seen a feist as sharp as Rocket. He wanted to know what kennel he came 
from so I gave him all the info about Galla Creek Kennels and the website info.

So don't be surprised if you get contacted by some more Tipton and Lauderdale 
County, TN folks.

Thanks for Rocket. When he really gets going I'll be getting back with you for 
another Galla Creek pup.


M.O. Eckel III
Here is a new photo of part of the new Lia litter. The creme
colored male goes to David Beach. The spotted male is the
Spradlin's of Shawnee, OK.  The male with the dot on his head
goes to Middleton-Parker!  The female pup with the wide blaze
will move to Jimmy Redman's home!  We hope these turn out
as good as Lia's last litter!

Two Days Early and Two Days Late--

But Dobbs was right on time. She had her litter of
Max A. Million pups today--4 females and 2 males.
Dobbs is out of Spook and G. W. Carver. She is a
littermate to Matt Howell's Rosco.
Bonnie Sue Parker/Radio pups were 2 days late--6 pups!
Opal/Shooter pups were 2 days early--7 pups
So All 13 were born on April 21, 2009! They are really
pretty and white!

Count to see which is which--Opal had 7 and Bonnie Sue
Parker had 6!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catfish--Chapter 2!!

Rodney Porter saw Troy Vance's photo of the Texas
Flathead Catfish and thought he should share his from
Here's what he had to say--
Saw the other flathead on your website and had to show this one.
Same here she bottomed out 50 lb scales. I guess her weight
around 55 lbs. Caught her in late January on Black Lake
in North Louisiana. We were actually fishing for white perch
with yo, yo's. We started catching blue cat so we set a trot line
with shiners and the next morning there she was.
Yall take care.
Rodney Porter Winnfield, LA.
Rodney went on to share information about his two Galla I am wishing for
a picture of Bogie and Patsy, Rodney!! Hint! Hint!

I am hoping that before summer ends I can show you a picture of a big Arky Flathead
on here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Galla Creek Carrie Nation

This is Carrie Nation; she is my Grandson's Feist. She is treeing
in his backyard at Harrison, AR.  Patch, her call name, is out of
Bonnie Sue Parker and Shooter.  Bonnie is ready to have her 
pups.  She is panting and I think the pups will be here in the next
24 hours.  Radio Flyer is the sire of this litter of Bonnie Sue pups.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scoggins' Pris Pups

These are what we are calling the Texas pups. Phillips Scoggins owns
Pris, a granddaugther of Old Rowdy.  Pris was bred to Galla Creek
Dan (owned by Tommy Collins of Tx). Dan is out of Nell and Romeo.
Nell is a daughter of old Rowdy and Romeo a Great Grandson.
We are getting Rowda (Roda).  Here are the pups from left to right.
The first pup is Rowda held by Victora Scoggins, next is Mara Fentress 
holding Ana Bell, then is Madison Watts holding Duke, next is Katie 
Watts holding Big boy, next is Mallory Watts holding Little Boy Blyd,
The next young man is Hunter Scoggins. The last boy is Charles Fentress 
holding Jesse James.  We are picking the pups up April 25.  We hope
when we come back through Little Rock we can meet the Parkers with
Little Boy Blue.  The two Lousiana owners are meeting us in Hope, Ar
to get their Rowdy pup!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Galla Creek Flint

Galla Creek Flint--Tommy Collins sent this photo
of Flint.  He is out of Lia and Spud.  This litter of
Lia pups should be just as good.  They have a different
sire--Grandpa Max A Million!

Hunter Scoggins--Feeding his Family!

Hunter Scoggins and his dad caught these fish in
Chester, Tx. They live in Woodville. Hunter is doing
his part in this time of recession--feeding the family.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's for Supper?

Email from Buddy Troy Vance--

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lia Pups are Growing and Doing Great!

Lia's pups are growing and looking good. They were born March they are 15 days old today.  They are all spoken for but we
have not gotten a deposit on the solid white he may be still
available.   We ask for a deposit so we don't hold a pup for 6 weeks and
turn folks down who want one...then at last minute be told--"I don't 
think I can take the puppy".  It is like a mini contract between us and
the buyer.  These pups are special.  Lia is out of Nell, Nell is out of Rowdy.
Lia is out of Floyd, Floyd is out of Spook and Max.  Max is the father of
the litter so the genes are stacked for producing great results in the squirrel

These are Lia's two little girls--Dinah and Zebby.  They go to
the Redmon  family and Brian Spain. Brian picked the female
with the thinnest blaze face.  They are both beautiful.

The white pup with black spots is Levi and he is going to the
Spradlins.  The black pup with white and black trim is Judah and his new
home is with the Taylors in Turtletown, TN.

Here are the 3 white males: Rueben, Simeon and Issachar.  Rueben is going
to David Beach (he is lemon/white).  Issachar has lemon on his cheecks and
is going to the Middleton/Parker family.  Simeon is mostly white.  Someone
spoke for him, but we have not got the deposit so he may be available.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craig Adams takes a boat load!

Craig sent this photo of their nice catch. He lives in TX.
He also shared pictures of Snickers, but I will share them on
another day. Craig, where were you fishing?

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Favorite Jar Feeder

David Beach wanted to see my favorite jar feeder. I
like it because the corn stays dry. You can see I made
it out of scrap...poor man has poor ways.

Photo from Dec. 2006

I got on our old computer today...this is one I enjoyed again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Sherry Vance sent this Easter greeting...I am passing it on.

Happy Easter

More Fish Memories

Matt Howell and I caught this mess of Catfish and
they made a big mess.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fishin' Fever

I get fishing fever every spring. This is a catch
from the past.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

1950s Feist

Sunday we had a visit from a fellow squirrel hunter from
Benton, AR. His Granddaughter's family is getting a pup from
Lia and Max. It was pleasant to visit with an old time hunter.
He sent these pictures of his Feist growing up and I am so
proud to share them on our Blog.
Here is his message and the photos--

Hi Larry -
Here's some pix of the white feist we had when I wuz a kid - He was what
my Dad called a 'bench legged' feist & was the best squirrel dog I ever
followed. He was self-taught, silent on trail, & absolutely did not bark
unless he was looking at the squirrel. Whitey was about 12-13 inches
high & weighed maybe 20lbs. Pix are scans from some old B&W photos I
have so aren't the best - Hope you enjoy 'em, feel free to use/post 'em
on your web site if you want.

Two of my younger brothers (on right) with 2 cousins & Whitey - probably
late spring 1957?

This is Whitey & my 3rd brother Darryl. Darryl was born in Feb 1953 &
looks to be about 2-3yrs old in the pic so I'm gonna say its probably
winter 1955/56(??). The house faced north & the fireplace was on the
east side & with the shadows pointing north it was likely mid morning.

Whitey in front yard of our old log house, probably 1957 as I can see my
baby sister sitting on the wagon behind the Hydrangia bush & she was
born Sept 1956.