Thursday, November 24, 2011

Galla Creek Jama 'Bama

This is my pup out of Allis Chalmers and Flint. Allis is out of Dobs and Shooter. Flint is from Spud and Lia. I am going to call her Jama Bama. Bruce Barnett owns Allis and Flint. The litter of pups had 4 males and this one lone female--I am proud to get this little girl. If all things work out in about 2 years she will be a perfect match for Tie.

Bruce will have a pup or two for sale, I think. I will post a photo of them later. They are all black (or brindle) and white. They are about a week old. No females for sale, only males. Contact me and I will give you Bruce's phone number in AL.

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Anonymous said...

Nice loking pup.
Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful today that you are my friend.