Friday, October 21, 2011

Zeke/Siggie Pups

Regina Phillips sent photos of their crew of pups from Zeke and Siggie. I recall they were named for the Texas Rangers' baseball players. One I know is Cruz! The Rangers are in the world series and I know the Phillips family is beaming. We are really more Cardinal fans...but also fans of these Galla Creek Feists even if they do carry those Texas tags. Thanks, Regina for the pictures. We forgot how to sign on to that site but were able to get these 3 pups photos and love how they look.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The top pup is Tater Tot"Tate."After Spud....The Second one is Kinzie,after Ian Kinzler...the bottom is Murphy after David Murphy....the one you didn't get is Cruz after Nelson Cruz.He's the one you said looks like Opal.They are all Great!

Sister--Three said...

We love seeing these pups from our Galla Feists. Thanks, Regina!

Those Rangers took it to us last night! Cruz cruised!

Anonymous said...

TeeHee!I think my Cruz is going to take it to the squirrels one day too!He and Kinzie are smaller dogs and Murphy and Tate are larger.Tate is like a tank!When he plays and runs and jumps on the couch and love seat he nearly knocks them over,and you better be anchored down if he jumps on you or in your lap!