Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Galla Creek Buster

Well, dah, I cropped Zack Kraft's photo of Buster and rotated it...but look it is still sideways. He took this photo with his phone. Don't know what to do to get Buster up right! Techie help me.
Zack loves Buster and that is what we love to hear. Buster is out of Bonnie and Tie and a brother to our Cora Vette! Cora is a jewel and sounds like Buster is too. Here is Zach's email that made us smile!
What a good looking dog! He got some great practice timbering some in the yard yesterday. You can tell by his stance he had heard something. He treed and timbered this squirrel thru 8 or 10 trees in the yard. Very proud of him, thank you.

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