Monday, October 24, 2011

Lee Moore's Pups--Boaz and Female

This is Dobs (above) and Opal below. Dobs is Tie's mother and Opal is Sadie Belle's mother!

Lee Moore shared photos of his two pups. Boaz (Tie/Patch) is the whiter pup. His other pup is out of Sadie and Tie. I am not sure what he calls her, but she looks like her Grandmother Opal. Sadie is out of Opal and Spud. Tie's mother is Dobs. Opal, Dobs, and Spud all have the same mother, Spook! They each have different sire's. Opal's sire is Radio Flyer. Dob's sire is G. W. Carver. Spud's sire is Old Max. Tie's sire is Shooter. Lee, that female pup should make an awesome squirrel dog!

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Anonymous said...

I'm naming them Galla Creek Gauge and Phoenix's Little Ann. Lets hope they hunt like their ancestors. Lee