Monday, October 03, 2011

Galla Feist--Sold!!

Hagar may be going to a home in Louisiana--but Siggie said, "no, way, Jose!" So we will have to see about that! We still have Abel (male) and Eleazar--Elie, plus Hagar if we do not get a deposit this week! Wow, the group of pups are so nice! I don't think I have ever had better. Because we lost our website in July and only got it back in late September, they are not all sold. But I don't care a flip if some of them stay right here. They are calm, collected, curious, and cool as cucumbers! The double line breeding is what makes the pups so great!

Frankincense--Frankie--gone to Alabama show here with Ryan and Scott Bardenwerper! They are calling her Riley! Their father--Drew--is taller than me! That is a rarity since I am over 6'9"!

Gilgal--Gillie--going to Missouri!

Boaz is going to Mississippi


Donna said...

I like the all-white dogs.

Anonymous said...
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