Saturday, October 22, 2011

Galla Creek Abel!

This is Abel out of Tie/Patch. He is going to Conway County, AR to Alex Campbell. Alex's hunting buddy took a photo of Alex with Abel and his brother...but Alex's head is missing. Anyway, we are excited that Abel is going to a hunting home. I let Abel, Sherry Vance's pup, Lou, and my brindle pup out to play. They really had a time. Sherry we got the check for Lou and thank you so much for getting another Galla Feist. I will post a new picture of Lou and Sass tomorrow. I am going to name my pup Sassafras I think and call her Sassy because she and Lou are both so sassy you can hardly get a photo of either of them!

We only have Cain and Diadem left from the Tie/Patch litter. Both are great lookers and friendly Feists. Di is small and Cain will probably end up being a larger Feist like his sire, Tie! My pups are $350. Anyone wanting a nice pup give me a holler at 479 890 8090!


Anonymous said...

Troy should be on Thursday so you should be hearing from him soon. He got his 2 deer, but Pop has yet to get one. So I know he will alot to tell Larry about Wy. Thanks for taking great care of my Lou. S.V.

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