Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Eleazar, Gilgal, Hagar and Abel

Sigrid came over and entertained the Tie/Patch pups. Well, just part of them. She was playing with Elie, Gillie, Hagar and Abel. Hagar is spoke for--going to a Minister's home in LA. Gillie is going to upper MO. Boaz is going to Mississippi this weekend. In the video Elie is the larger of the four pups and Abel has a patch around one eye. These pups are $350.00 each, ready now. Call us for more information. They are registered NKC. 479 890 8090 or gallacreekarky @ yahoo . com !
The little red dog is Siggie's. Siggie's Dad saw Skittles left along the side of the road and could not stand to drive off and leave her there. She was tiny and only about 6 weeks old. Siggie named her after her favorite candy. When we asked what kind of dog is Skittles, Siggie said, "she is a Chi-Weanie!

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