Friday, October 28, 2011

Galla Creek Spook

I have two young Feists to offer to new homes this season. Spook is the black dog. I snapped these pictures of her in the pen as someone said--"I can see Nell on the side bar but what does that Spook look like ...well, here she is! Price $400.00. She has had all her shots, etc. and is 5 months old. The white dog with red trim is my Viper female and she is not for sale at this time. I plan to hunt her this season and have not decided if I will let her go to a home or keep her here on Galla Creek.

Thanks for checking my Blog. It is really a lot of work to post a photo everyday....and I have been doing it 5 years so there are 1000s of pictures here if you care to look back at all of them! It is great when you send me a picture to share. The Feists don't have to be from MY Kennel. I love them all!

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