Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Zip Line

I have Tie, C. C. Rider, and Lia all on Zip Lines. The dogs like this so much better than a pen. I am going to get one ready for Spud so he can be zipped out too. The Feists are not nearly as bored with this set-up. They can see and actually can move around a lot more. They do not dig like in pen. I bought a Zip Line at Tractor Supply and then discovered they were less than $20 at Wal-Mart if I remember right. I also found them at Amazon on the computer and they were even less than Walmart. You can mow the area the dogs run and also they tend to keep the deer out of our yard better than being in a pen. I don't have much love for deer and will do all I can to keep them away from my garden.

Betty is working on our Galla Feists Web Site, but she had to start back to school today so it will be a while before she gets much more done. Bear with us as we plan to have a great Galla Feist site again. I hope you will bookmark the site and check back in to see how it is progressing.
If you are typing in the URL you will have to remember that we put an s on the end of Feists.
Here is a link Galla Feist dot Com!
I got this nice email from Tony Marshall about Galla Creek Dan. Dan is out of Lia and Dan and he is only 3 months old!
Here is Tony's email:
Betty and Larry I could not stand it and trapped another squirrel today. I know Dan is not quite three months old, but decided to let him mess with another trapped squirrel. Dan was really fired up. He was barking and growling and biting at the squirrel he even grabbed some hair on it's tail sticking out of the trap. I put it up on a tree and he continued to bark, although as much as when it was on the ground. I opened the trap on the ground and when the squirrel exited Dan was right behind him chasing him up another tree about 15 yards away.

It was funny because he would stand on tree and bark then back off and try to run up the tree and fall down. He did this several times, but when he figured out he could not get the squirrel he stopped barking. I got him to stand at the base and bark a little more by saying talk to me. I did not want to push it so I just kept praising him and then let him get back to being a pup. He was really wound up afterward running around like crazy.
Note from Galla Creek--Do all you can to keep the dog from trying to run and jump at the tree. It is a bad habit. You can see than Dan only did it a while, but if there is a lot of running the tree, just stop and try this again another time. Running the tree is usually caused by having the squirrel so low that the Feist thinks he might be able to grab the squirrel. You can imagine in the woods if your dog runs up the base of the tree. He might fall back on other dogs and a fight could be on. Also, his concentration is on running and not viewing the squirrel. Just my thought and I don't know everything!
This was the third trapped squirrel he has seen since I brought him home. Each time he is more aggressive towards the squirrel and with his barking. I plan on doing it again, but will wait at least a few weeks. Next time I would like to shoot the squirrel out for him after he has treed it. At what age do you start shooting a gun around them? I figure it's best for him to be broke on a gun before shooting a squirrel out for him. If not he might take off with his tail between his legs.

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong as your advise is always welcomed. Hope y'all are well.

Note from Galla Creek--sounds like Tony has Dan coming on strong. He may actually be treeing wild squirrels before the season is over. Keep up the work Tony!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Larry, I have high hopes for Dan.