Friday, August 05, 2011

Dutch Reagan

Ronnie Abels sent pictures of his dog and kid family. The pup is Dutch out of Tie and Opal. The Brindle dog, Tigger, Ronnie got from my cousin, Rick. Tigger is a great squirrel dog. The third dog is Goldie and I think Ronnie said she was a Kemmer Cur. Ronnie and his wife are teachers. We want to say a big thank you for the new pictures!

Here is Ronnie's email:
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Betty,
Just an update to let ya'll know that Dutch is fitting in real well with the Abels family. Karlee loves him dearly. It seems that he is indoors more than out... Here are a few pictures that we took of Dutch and Tigger (AKA tiger) and our other puppy Goldie (3 months old). Sean can't wait for season to open so we can put them in the woods! Hope all is well at Galla Creek.
Thanks for Dutchy boy....Ronnie and family

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