Thursday, August 25, 2011

For the Love of My Galla Mountain Feist

Tony sent pictures of Dan and his new pen. Dan has to stay in this crate in the house while Tony is at work. He fixed this pen so Dan would have a little space during the day. Dan does not even go to the bathroom in his new pen as he is so proud of his day care--day time kennel. Here is Tony's email:
Larry and Betty I bought Dan an outside pen so he does not have to stay in the crate while I am not at home. Skeeters are bad here so he does sleep in his crate inside the house at night. He has been staying in it for over a week, and so far has not even relieved himself inside the pen. It's not sitting on a concrete pad. I did not want the trouble or expense of laying one so I got the idea of using concrete backing boards. The sheets are the type you use to hang tile on. Brand name is Hardiebacker bought at Home Depot. The boards are strong enough to walk on eventhough the ground is not perfectly flat, and are supposed to be water and mildew resistant. It took four 5'x3'x1/2" sheets to cover the bottom of a 10'x5' pen. Dan loves to dig so something in the bottom of the pen was a must. So far after several rains I have not seen anything that makes me think they will not hold up, but the jury is still out on that. I have my fingers crossed they will.
I have noticed since I have been letting him stay in the pen he is more observant of birds and squirrels than before. He notices them and chases them whereas before it was like he could not pick them out. Im not sure if being outside during the day and seeing them from his pen has made him more aware of them or not. He chased a squirrel today and got up on the tree but did not bark at all until I said talk to me Dan. I think he is doing pretty good so far. He uses his nose and it's always to ground if he is moving.

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