Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mountain Feist Squirrel Dogs!

Galla Mountain Feists--Lia and Tie--find a squirrel even though they are tied to a Zip Lines. They are anxious to get to the big woods again whne the weather cools off! We have a Mountain Feist pup from Lia for sale. Her name is Nell. She is named for Lia's mother, Nogo Nell. She will be ready to get to the woods this winter. Contact us if you are interest.
gallacreekarky @
or call
479 890 8090

Thanks for looking.

Thanks Colby Leeds for coming down to check out Patch and Tie's litter. Glad you are getting a male Galla Mountain Feist squirrel dog pup! Those boys will love him!

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