Sunday, August 14, 2011

Always Something!!

I think of Centurytel just about like this Hawk on the top of my Martin house. They lost my entire Galla Feist site! Sorry Suckers!

You may have noticed. My Galla Creek Feist Kennel Web Site is dead. It died in July 2011. I was paying $10.00 for the site for almost 20 years. Betty had spent 1000s of hours hand writing that site. I must say it full of all sorts of good stuff. It is all gone. Betty saved a skeleton of the old site. She cried for a few days, but now is determined to pick up and start again.

Our new web page will be at this site
Notice there is an s on Feists. There is not much there yet. But maybe if we live 20 more years we can have good web site again. She has the entry page and the pups for sale page and stud dog page up. She says she may do dogs for sale tomorrow.

Check us out. We love all of our Blog viewers. At least here we have about 5,000 photos stored!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to learn you lost your old site. I read all your training tips multiple times, and had looked at a bunch of your pictures. It was a great reference for anyone interested in Feist dogs. Will look forward to the new site.

Tony M.

Anonymous said...

Man I hate that I noticed yesterday I couldn't find it and was trying to show it to a friend on his computer and then on mine that it wouldn't respond to anything how disappointing this has to be for yall, that was one of my favorite sites. Do you know what kind of hawk that is we have had something soaring around here that looks similar and they were usually in groups and I haven't been able to figure out what they are. LEE MOORE

Sister--Three said...

Lee, we have red tail hawks here. They were swoping down and catching the Martins.