Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Hilliards at Harrison sent some photos of Jag. We were glad to hear he had gotten out of the chew up and destory mode. They are excited about hunting in the fall...just as I am.

Here is the email:
Hey you all,
Just an update on Jag. He stopped chewing on everything in sight .Thank goodness. Laine and I introduced him to some frogs that we got gigging recently. They made a fine dinner the next night. He didn't know what to think. As you can tell, he's been a little lazy on hot summer days. That's how he naps sometimes in his box on the back porch. But something has really got his dander up lately. A squirrel tries to tease him on a daily basis in the back yard and Jag will have none of it. He trees him all the time and barks a lot more than last year. He's even doing a little cold treeing. Jag will be a year old soon and Laine and I can't wait to start running him again.
Shannon and Laine

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Anonymous said...

I sure like the looks of Jag! I also bet he turns into a real dandy!