Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Galla Creek Nell--Mountain Feist Squirrel Dog Pup--For Sale!!

Here is a little video of Nell, the Mountain Feist Squirrel Dog pup, whose parents are Lia and Ole Dan. Lia is out of Nogo Nell and Pretty Boy Floyd and we named Nell for her Grandmother, Sq. Champion, Nogo Nell. Here you will see Nell trying to beat the heat by sitting in her water bowl! Bandit, her full Mountain Feist sister, is upset and tries to let Nell know but Nell just ignores her. Nell will be old enough to take to the woods this fall. She is registered NKC and priced at $400.00!


Anonymous said...

Dan has some good looking sisters there. It's interesting the difference in Dan's ears compared to his sisters. Dan' ears are huge and stand straight up. They don't flop over anymore at all.


Sister--Three said...

Tony, Dan gets his ears from Shooter. These girls have Nell's ears.