Saturday, August 06, 2011

Zeke/Sig Pups

The Siggy / Zeke litter of pups that belong to Clif and Regina Phillips have really grown up. My favorite is the one who looks like Opal. Clif was using a dead squirrel here to get them to back. They finally grabbed it and the rest is history. I am coping Regina's email about the pups here. They named them after the Texas Rangers baseball team.
Hi there...I sent a small note with pictures but my program will only let
me use so many words.The pictures of Zeke and the pups with Siggies prize
were not very clear because the little boogers and Zeke were running so
fast!They sure were excited over that squirrel! He runs all over the place usually and
won't stop at a tree for long even when he thinks there is a squirrel in
it.So Clif thought it would be good to work with him.Needless to say he
stayed on the tree and barked.The pup that had the squirrel the most in
the pictures is Cruz.He has turned out to be an odd colored one,blonde
with fawn colors I guess is what you would call it.He is the only one Clif
wanted to part with but I told him I thought he was going to be the best
one.Just like Siggie!LOL!We sure love all of our Galla creek feists!Hope
you are surviving the heat ok.I was worried about Siggie out in the heat
today but she wouldn't give up!

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Sister--Three said...

Clif...if you are sure there is a squirrel in the tree and Zeke barks. Tie him near the tree and search for it and shoot it. That will keep him at the tree. he is so excited wanting to please you he is off to find another one. tying him at the tree will fix that problem. Larry