Saturday, December 05, 2009

What makes a good dog?

Preacher and his master dreaming of going to the woods.
This is what I think about what makes a good dog:

First, it is genetics. I have been raising Feist for about 25 years and you can not make a good squirrel dog from one that does not have the drive and want to hunt. That comes from the breeding of the dog.

Second, most important thing, is the time you spend with your dog. Dogs with the right genetics that fail do so because of what happens to the dog in his first year of life.

So, here is some advice if you want a squirrel dog--buy one that you think has the genes to make it and spend quality time with your dog.


Anonymous said...

Troy thinks this is his puppy, but when he has a peepee in the floor it is always, "Sherry YOUR puppy peed in the floor", We are truely enjoying him and my other house dogs just love him too. Sherry

Anonymous said...

thats what you call craig