Friday, December 04, 2009

Mac Attack

Steve Mckee sent an update on his Shooter/Opal pup and a photo of Mac with his bounty after a hunt. Amos Moses is a half brother to Zipper and Spook.
Mckee’s Mac Attack = Amos Moses X Joyner’s Foxy Lady : 1st hunt this year as leaves still on the trees and deer season opening. 21 1st time out and 19 the next morning (11-29-09 ). My little female off of Shooter and Opal is coming along nicely. Haven’t taken her to the big woods yet but already treeing behind the house every evening with Mac. Trying to get her used to the 22 right now. I am going to try him in some squirrel hunts this winter and spring. I feel he just deserves the chance to show what he can do. Most amazing squirrel dog I have ever owned or hunted with in my 30 years of hunting squirrel dogs. I could never thank you enough for letting me know where to find this puppy when you didn’t have any to sell at the time. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Tuff looking dog! Looks like he can get the job done too!


Anonymous said...

Larry, where is this dog? I made the cross and don't know where any of them are now. Several made outstanding squirrel dogs. I wanted to make the cross again but Mike got rid of Lady. Send me Mike's phone number and I will try again to get her to do it again. Thanks...Steve