Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craig Adam's Snickers

Snickers and her sister--about a month old! Below she is all grown up!
Got another email from Craig Adams and news on Snickers. She is moving right along. She still hates birds just like the squirrels, but you can pretty well say that of all my Feists. Craig's email is below Snicker's pictures. O' Snickers has one blue eye. She is a pup of All Cranked Up and Spud!
Hello, Larry and Mrs. Betty,
I took Snickers Sunday ands he made four trees and tried her best to tree some ducks but they kept flyin off on Then this afternoon I slipped off work early and loaded her up and she jumped out of the dog box and and went straight out and made a tree. She made three trees in about 1 hour this afternoon. It's got to the point now if she sees me walk to the truck with my gun she goes crazy and I love it! she's got a long ways to go to be a broke dog but she sure is headed in the right direction.Hope you'll like the pictures. Craig

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Anonymous said...

Looks like she has it all figured out!!!