Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Galla Creek Marshmellow

Wade Baswell sent photo's of Marshmellow after a hunt in Missouri. She is out of Spud's sister,
Daisy and Raider. Above is a photo of her here on Galla Creek in the Summer of '08 and below
pictures of her all grown up. Also, Wade sent a tale of the hunt which I have copied below.
Galla Creek Marshmellow is out of Raider and Daisy, full brother to Woo. She is doing great! She is 1 yr 7 mo. now and is treeing on her own. Here is a short story from our hunt. We had a little gray eluding us, after it was treed we got one shot off before it bailed out of the tree and holed up in a root system. After flushing it out, Marshmellow timbered it and when we got poised to shoot again it bailed out again, only this time Marshmellow intercepted it on the ground and saved us a bullet. She is an awesome dog. Thanks for the feist, I'll recommend Galla Creek dogs to anyone.
We got 9 in the evening hunt. This shows my other squirrel dog, Alex. He is a Border Collie. My hunting companion is my brother-in-law, Kevin. Around April-May I'll be breeding Marshmellow to another Missouri Feist named Ozark Rambo. If you or someone you know might like one, I'll be selling them for the same price as yours. Marshy will be two years old around then. I might need some info from you on taking care of her during her pregnancy as well as new born pups. How many deposits do you have on Spud-Lia pups so far? I'm thinking about getting a male. Here is a link to see Ozark Rambo. Wade Baswell


Anonymous said...

Wade I have Woo here with me now and he like Marshmellow is a special dog. They have the breeding to be GREAT tree dogs and I expect nothing less than that. Good luck with her and with the future litter.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wade,Had to lol when i saw marshmellow holding her front leg
up posing. I have her sister Caramel Bell and she also does same. Daisy does same also.They are a special litter. Bell is really coming around great.Good luck and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Pretty dog and a NICE tailgate!!