Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rev. James Lybrand's Cedar

Cedar is out of a Old Rowdy daughter and Shooter. Rev. James Lybrand of Mena bought Cedar from a man in Yell County, Ar. The Rev. grew up hunting with his grandfather and a Feist squirrel dog. He prayed that Cedar would make a good squirrel dog for him. He has had Cedar about a month I believe. Well, Cedar is living up to theReverand's dream. Here is part of two of his emails. The Rev. has bought a 6 month old female from Matt Howell, Sadie, out of Rosco and Dot. So now he has a pair. Seems it is hard to have just one squirrel dog!
Saturday Nov. 7, 2009
I wanted to send a update on cedar. This week I decided to hunt him for an hour or 2 every morning before Deer season. Oh also I laid hands on him and prayed for him Monday. Well after that we treed over 20 times and I came home with my limit. Then every other morning we went out and came home with at least 5 everyday. He is still pretty loose on the tree but I could not be happier. On wednesday he also treed a fox and he was solid on him but of course he could see him. Total squirrels taken on him is 29 and we are fired up. Let everyone know that God hears our prayers and he can even bless these little dogs.
Wednesday Nov. 1l, 2009
Another update on Cedar we went out this morning and had our limit in 2 hours just this week he has brought down 16 bringing his total to 45 since last monday 1 1/2 weeks!! Go Cedar!!! I am so proud I can't contain myself. Now he is still loose but getting better every day. I hate that we are going to have to take off 3 weeks for deer season but I guess we will make it. That will give Sadie time to get to know us. Yea she is now a preacher's dog can't wait to get them out together. Thank you for letting me brag.
Rev. James Lybrand


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he is turning into one heck of a dog!
I can't wait to get in the woods with him! Me and Rosco will have to wait atleast a month before we can tag along for the show!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell me about it. We have
1. Zipper
2. Cork
3. J.B.
4. Dods
5. Shag Nasty
6. Folmar in the Dell
7. Danni
8. June Bug
9. Dolly
It is like Lay's potato chips, you can't just have one.......and 3 Schnauzers.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I forgot to tell you, we got Dolly back with 6 puppies...all girls. I have gave all puppies away but one. Those kids on my come in handy, they all love puppies. We don't know who the father was. It was more than the lady and her daughter could handle.

Anonymous said...

kids on my Bus

Sister--Three said...

Dolly plus 6 pups. Now Sherry that was a deal. Glad you could find homes for them with the school bus kids