Monday, November 09, 2009

Putting it All Together

Craig Adams of Texas sent new pictures of Snickers--out of All Cranked Up and Spud (I think I am just going on my memory). Snickers is putting it all together. Here is what Craig had to say:
I hope yall like these pictures. I would have more on the tree but my camera battery let me down. As you can see she is a squirrel dog/camp dog. lol F
riday afternoon she made 3 trees and then saturday morning while everybody else in Texas was deer hunting Snickers and I were after squirrels. She treed 8 times and I saw the squirrel 3 times and got one knocked out to her! If these leaves will hurry up its fixen to get real fun watching her. Thanks again CRAIG


Anonymous said...

Craig, She sure is a pretty thing. Hope she keeps right on CLICKING.


Anonymous said...

That sure is a fine looking dog and sounds like she is doing so good
But what else would you expect from a Galla Creek dog


Anonymous said...

the funniest part of watching her tree is right before she picks a tree she starts bouncing on all four legs she looks like she has springs in her legs. lol craig