Monday, November 30, 2009

Lucy and her Gang

We named Lucy Shambry but the Riley's call her Lucy. We are always thrilled to hear of our Galla dogs and this was a sweet treat! Here is the email:
These pictures were taken this week 11-26 & 27, 2009 - - this is Lucy - - - - you had named her Shambry - parents are Radio Flyerand Bonnie Sue Parker - she was born April 21, 2009 - she is a member of our family - - -Last Saturday morning, she treed 5 squirrels and we got 5 squirrels. We were on a deer hunting trip over Thanksgiving - She loved camp! We love her!!!!
Dennis and Mary and Samantha Riley
Cherry Valley, Arkansas


Anonymous said...

That is just great. Gotta love those Galla Creek dogs


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is going to be a real go getter!