Monday, November 23, 2009

Deputy and Dixie

Coach Matt Howell of Mansfield, Ar came by Sunday returning home after going deer hunting in Heber Springs. He took Dixie along and when deer hunting was over he took her on a little squirrel hunt. Dixie (out of Dobs and Max) treed her first squirrel and Matt shot it out to her. She brought the squirrel to him. He said she even timbered it a good ways. Matt said Dixie's first squirrel was more exciting than getting a deer.

This is Dixie's littermate Deputy. He lives with the Westbrook's in Texas. Jo sent us his picture and a little news about what he is doing. He will be jealous when he learns his sister has already treed her first squirrel. I bet he is right behing her! Her is Jo's email:
Hi Larry and Betty,
Just thought I would send some pictures of Deputy. We call him Trooper. Danny has been working with him on a caged squirrel and putting a squirrel tail on a fishing rod and having them chase it up a tree. The one picture is Trooper and the pups out of The Vance's Judge Roy Bean looking up on the wood shed at the squirrel tail. They love to play that game. They sure are smart and keeps a good eye looking up. And as you can see Trooper is sitting on his perch on my chair, in the house. He has not made it to the kennel yet. I have spoiled him and he sleeps at the foot of my bed. Spoiled ! He is going to make a great squirrel dog.


Anonymous said...

I bet you were tickled about that i know I would be.


Anonymous said...

You bet i'm tickled! She timbered that thing over 40 yards and never lost it. I think she is going to be a dandy. Thank you Larry and Betty for this amazing pup!


Anonymous said...

I need the Westbrook's to call me, I have a dog to give them and maybe one to sale them. Sherry Vance

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Dixie is doing good. Sherry