Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keith Stanton and Pence

Keith Stanton of near Pine Bluff has picked Pence (Spook/Shooter) as his new squirrel dog. Keith has a male dog out of Annie Oakley. When he came to Galla Creek, memories rushed in of days when Annie Oakley and Pasty Montana were pups here long ago. Annie and Patsy's parents are Belle Starr and Ole Max, born in the spring of 2004. Annie is almost 6 years old now. I would love for David Lynch to send me a picture of her. Keith said Annie was a humdinger of a squirrel dog. She rules the Lynch household and also the woods. Patsy Montana moved all the way to South Carolina; a deputy sheriff in a smaller town there owns her. After Patsy left we have not heard from her. I wish all the folks who own a Galla Creek dog would send me a picture! Sure hope Keith will share photos of 6 Pence along the way!

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