Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Rowdy

Robert Burris of Opelousa, LA sent pictures of Popular Grove Rowdy he had taken. One is the day we met and he got his pup. The other one when Rowdy was just a pup was showing him what a crawfish boil was. Robert wrote a letter about Rowdy and I am going to type part of it in. We appreciate him taking the time to send a snail mail letter and real pictures so we could see Rowdy again. He is out of Pris (granddaughter of Old Rowdy) and Dan (Grandson of Old Rowdy twice) and he sure looks like old Rowdy's son we once owned out of Bell and Rowdy! Thanks again, Robert and we hope you will write again. Letter below--
Mr. Larry,
Here are the pictures I promised. We could not be more prould of Lil Rowdy! He is smart, friendly and hard hunting and his progress continues. I have been hunting him with Lemon Drop, a finished Feist I got from Bill Bradford. He is going to Mr. Bradford's training pen three months and that should finish him out. I will probably want another pup in the spring--a little girl from Ohio Lia and I hope you breed her to Spud.
Thanks Again, Robert Burris

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love them crawdads!