Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Foot Sightings

Coach Fisher (who works with my wife) writes a
weekly column in the local paper. He shared this
story about seeing big foot. It was also in this
Sunday's Newpaper.

Bigfoot sighted in Yell County?

Now hold on just a minute before you run into the closet and get your gun and start rounding up a posse to go look for “Bigfoot.” I think it may be more fiction than fact, but we do need to take a look and see if we can figure out what is going on with these sightings.
First a little background information: Wikipedia defines Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, as an alleged ape-like creature purportedly inhabiting forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.
Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. Huh? A big hairy ape looking creature is what I think they meant to say. Many believers in its existence contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names, most prominently the Yeti of the Himalayas.
Arkansas is not unfamiliar with Bigfoot as in 1972 the good folks down at Fouke took part in a documentary that made someone close to twenty million dollars and was filmed with no more than a home video camera. “The legend of Boggy Creek” went into details and recanted stories from locals of encounters and sightings of the monster through the years.
Just in case you are wondering, I have already been in touch with my agent and if any sighting of Bigfoot in Yell County is confirmed, I will be securing the rights to the movie.
While doing a little research for this story I stumbled onto a website at and believe it or not this is the real deal. They have videos, stories and updated sighting reports from all across the country. The most recent one in Arkansas was dated January 10th but there was no information as the website said there has been no confirmation or ruling on this sighting as of yet. I sure hope that wasn’t anyone who had seen this picture before I had a chance to write this story!
There was also a sighting from 1997 near Paron, Arkansas but as I read along I figured it to be much like our sighting. You see this supposed sighting happened around deer season while a couple of buddies were out riding around in the deer woods at midnight. That pretty much says it all.
Every state in the United States has had some type of sightings over the years. Most states range from having five or six to as many as twenty. Washington State however has had 425. There must be a little something extra in the water up there.
Hawaii of all places has had nine sightings. Who knows maybe Bigfoot is looking for a tan or maybe planning on catching some waves. There have also been five sightings in the Washington D.C. area, which leads me to wonder if the President has ever seen Bigfoot.
Now as for the sighting in Yell County, it has been quite interesting to say the least. It is amazing what folks will come up with sitting by a campfire. You see the big thing in our part of the woods this year is game cameras and yes I know they have been around for quite a few years now, but they just now made it to southern Yell County.

The evening ritual during deer season was to take the game cameras from various spots on our lease over to a nearby home of one of our fellow hunters and see what had been in the food plots or under the feeders during the evening before. This in itself has created quite a stir among the folks I hunt with because we think by the end of deer season that we have no deer left and that they magically reappear the next deer season.
We never knew just how many deer we weren’t even seeing much less getting an opportunity to harvest during the year, but we now know that we have left plenty for seed.
So Mark Avery from Danville by way of Dutch Creek was one of the latest to get himself a new fangled game camera and stick it in his food plot. He had made the mistake of letting the guys know he had ordered one and it would be in the following weekend.
So with a little quick campfire planning Enoch Walker took to the internet in search of Bigfoot. It is quite amazing what a person can find on Ebay by the way, and before Avery’s game camera had even been taken out of the box, Walker had us our very own Bigfoot (costume) delivered and ready to go.
With an assist from Tommy Wells, aka Bigfoot, the hoax was on and as soon as Avery got his camera hung in a tree, Bigfoot stopped by to get his picture made dragging a deer leg behind.
The pictures have circled around the last few weeks like wildfire, but most folks who take a good look at them are quite skeptical to start with, others were ready to go hunting, and some claimed they wouldn’t be back to our neck of the woods. There are pictures hanging in businesses and all over cell phones. I have even heard the local game warden was even notified, but I am sure even Mr. Tackett got a laugh when he heard where it was from.
The only regret I have in this whole adventure was not being able to be there the evening Avery and the guys were going through the pictures on the television screen. Someone said as they scrolled through the pictures a deer was the first to appear, then a crow or two, and as Bigfoot came onto the screen Avery fell backwards out of the stool he was sitting on. That would have been the best sighting of all.
Coach Joey Fisher

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