Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zack Kraft's Roxy

 Zack Kraft sent pictures of Roxy and a pup out of Buster and Sadie (Lee Moore) that his brother owns.   They call the male Feist, Rowdy.  He has blue eyes which we have occasionally in our litters.  Buster is a littermate to our sweet Cora. I was thinking that Roxy is a littermate to Macie but that is not correct.  Roxy's mother is owned by Larry Ellingson and Macie's mother is Sugar.   But Sugar and Roxy's Mother are related.  It is hard to keep the ancestors of the Feists straight as we have owned a bunch of Feists.   We have been raising Feists to sell for 25 years and always owned one  most of our lives!  Here is the email from Zack about the two Galla Feists.  Thanks, Zack, the message was very uplifting to us!
Dear Renfroes:
This is my Roxy at about nine months and I think she looks a lot like sissy. Spook is in her line too. She has Otis X 2, Kloss Lady X2, Gaucho, Dummy, McAndrews Martin,Sandy and Bell Starr. 

Buster has Spook X 2, Spud, Dummy, Martin, Otis, Max, Shooter, Dobs, Tie, and Bonnie Sue.  I think I have a good chance of producing some great dogs. Buster is laid back, intelligent, a great handling dog,and when he barks its there. If you can show him what you want he's trained, that easy. She is wide open when she hits the woods. No problem getting this one to bark, she covers a lot of ground and fast. Natural road hunter and a pleasure to watch. Runs with her nose in the air and there's no doubt when scent hits it, she bounces like a deer all over the woods. I'm anxious to see what this year will bring. She knows what "here" and sit means(she hates to sit but she will) and the rest is in the breeding.  Never shown her anything in the woods. She circles, checks in, and hunts wide open til I put her back in the kennel. 
  I'll send you some more action videos this fall. Thanks for my dogs


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